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Gambling may be one of the oldest forms of entertainment in existence, but casinos are proving they have still got a few tricks up their sleeve to keep punters coming back for more. More than 85 countries around the world so far have given the green light to online gambling, and the global market is doing so well that it is expected to double its current value by 2023. This rapid growth is due to several factors including exciting developments in the tech industry, the convenience and personalization it can offer, and the employment it provides.  

Adding to the success of online gambling is the fact that at least 25 US states are to legalize sports betting by the end of 2021. With mobile apps making it easier to follow your favourite teams and place bets with the click of a button, this will really give online gambling further opportunities for growth. That said, traditional forms of gambling are not going away any time soon. Worldwide, the number of physical establishments now providing gambling facilities, including everything from slot machines at your local bar to fully-fledged casinos, is at around two hundred thousand. However, there is a definite shift towards the digitization of everything these days, and casinos are no exception.

Tech it to the limit

Leading online casinos focus on integrating usability, convenience, and secure transactions, combined with an immersive experience that offers augmented or virtual reality, and live dealers. 

For game nights with friends these days, get the chips and dip ready and saddle up to your sofa, because all you need is your computer and a VR headset to enjoy the excitement of the game from your living room. Online casino games available at Hopa, for example, include live augmented reality games such as Monopoly Live, which combine actual people and cartoon characters and elements that interact with the scene. 

And live dealer games like blackjack and poker bring you real human dealers through a streaming video feed, for an interactive and immersive experience with live chat options to boot. It is just like being at the casino, without having to drive home afterwards. 

Security is prime 

Equally key to the rise in popularity of online gambling is increased data security. Most credible online casinos use blockchain technology, ensuring secure and anonymous transactions. It also means that payments can be automatically sent when you win, so there is no waiting around for some desk clerk to check that you really have won. 

VIP style

With the ability to offer clients a level of attention to detail you would expect to receive as a VIP at a physical casino, online casinos are able to offer this experience without punters having to play at such a high risk level. People respond to good customer service, so online casinos that know your name and personal preferences, can suggest games you would like, and make your experience as personal as you want it to be are places you want to spend time.

Putting bread on the table

Finally, if global statistics are anything to go by, this year the market size of global casinos and the online gambling industry reached 227 billion U.S. dollars, employing more than one million workers worldwide, and almost half of that market will be attributed to online gambling by 2023. 


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