Common Slot Machine Types Explained

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If you are anyone that knows anything about casinos, you must know about slot machines. They are simple arcade-like machines that work with random number generators. The player places a bet by entering a certain amount of coins for a chance at winning a reward. 

Most Slots Machines have probability instructions to make sure that the rewards are truly randomized. However, to increase your chances of winning, you need to know all the different types of slot machines there are. Here is a list of the most common slot machines explained.


Classic single-coin

Sometimes the originals are the most profitable option. The classic single-coin slot machine is played by putting in a single coin perchance. There are no unnecessary steps to follow that might make your game complicated.

Moreover, single-coin slot machines are the best bet when it comes to adding other gameplay features. Since the basics are very simple, it is easier to understand extra levels of complications. One of the most common games played at classic single-coin slot machines is Baron Samedi, inspired by the voodoo character from modern media.

Arcade machines

Another type of slot machine found most commonly is the Arcade slot machine, also known as the Buy-A-Pay machine. These machines are a bit more complicated to understand, especially for completely beginner players.

How these machines are differentiated is by the fact that the player has to place a bet of the most amount of coins to be able to win a reward. This is because the more coins you put in as your bet, the more combinations of win reels unlock, thus increasing your chances of a high payout.


Coin multipliers are probably the most general type of slot machines today due to their high Return-to-Player percentages. This essentially means the players have the highest chances of winning along with an easy-to-understand mechanic.

How the coin multiplier slot machines work is, it counts the number of coins you have entered, and in case you score a win, it multiplies your coins. These multipliers can range from anywhere between 1.5x to 10x or even more, depending on the machine. Scoring a higher multiplier is rare but not impossible, so players like to test their luck on these slot machines.

Flat-Top machines

Generally found in very high-end casino chains, the flat top machines are nevertheless one of the more popular types of slot machines. These machines have a ceiling on the money a player can win.

Essentially, there is a pre-established upper limit on the amount of money a player can win, including if the player hits the jackpot. The idea is that the chances of winning are normal, but you can not win more than a certain amount as a payout from a Flat-Top machine.

Wild-Play machines

The slot machine, with one of the most fun experiences for the player, is most likely a Wild-Play machine. The factors that make these machines stand out are extra gameplay aspects more so than the basic way the machines work.

These machines have the bonus feature, which upon access, can give the player a lot of benefits. You can easily multiply your reward payout by two, three, or even four times. All you need to do is access the bonuses the machine gives you efficiently.  


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