Are you Ready for Virtual Casinos — the Future of Online Gambling?

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When the online gambling scene started flourishing numerous casino owners recognized the potential of spreading gambling business on the web. Lately, online gambling has become one of the most successful industries with profits that soar to billions of dollars a year.


For these reasons, online casino owners and software developers strive to provide the best gambling experience to their customers whether they enjoy playing Blackjack online for real money or if their first choice are exciting slot machines.


When mobile gaming appeared on the scene offering online casino players the opportunity to enjoy their favorites wherever they are using their smartphones, we knew that the future of online gambling business was pretty bright. We only wondered what the next step would be in the future of playing casino games online. The answer was just around the corner— VR casinos. We believe that this relatively new concept of gambling deserves to be presented in the right way so let’s learn about the origins of the Virtual Reality casino.

How the Entire Concept Developed

While the concept of virtual reality is familiar among online gamers, the online gamblers may seem reluctant to put a helmet on their head just to gamble. We hope that things will change for the better now that the Oculus Rift has launched their first Virtual Reality casino. The younger population already enjoys the unprecedented advantages of virtual gaming thanks to various virtual gaming platforms developed by companies like Sony or HTC.

And here we will list some of the major plus sides that will give the online gambling population out-of-this-world gambling experience.

What Virtual Reality Casinos Offer to Players

  • Once you get the appropriate equipment set and running, you will be pulled into an unforgettable experience that will engage all your senses. You will get the sense of being right at the center of the real-life casino, and the entire gameplay will be unforgettable.

  • When you choose the game you wish to play, you will be able to use a chat box or your voice to talk to other players. This also goes for the dealers because now the Virtual Reality casino offers players an option to communicate with dealers too.

Therefore, you’ll get the best of both real casino gambling and online gambling. While you will feel as if you were sitting at the Vegas casino table chatting with rivals or dealers, you will still be able to use all the convenient features of online casino games.

  • The concept of Virtual Casino is still in its cradle, offering classic games like Roulette, Blackjack, or slots to players. As this gambling scene has yet to show its full potential, we expect the range of virtual games offered to expand over time.

  • As the number of the Virtual Reality casino games grows, the software developers will start racing to offer top-notch quality to Virtual Casino gamblers. If we go back and look at the poor graphics the initial online casino games had, we can only say that the feeling of playing the real game, at the real table, against real opponents was something we could not even imagine back in the day. And you can do all of this using the piece of Virtual Casino equipment now without leaving your home.

Some Disadvantages of Virtual Casinos

We wouldn’t be fair and square if we didn’t mention some drawbacks of this revolutionary gambling concept.

  • The entire real-life surroundings and gameplay may cause the players to lose the track of time completely and spend more time gambling that they originally wanted to.

  • This may lead to another more serious issue — losing track of time when gambling usually leads to losing more money. We don’t have to point out how disappointing this may be.

  • Some experts started worrying that the consuming nature of gambling at Virtual Reality casinos may cause players to start thinking more about playing casino games.

  • Expensive equipment required. As you may have already assumed, you cannot indulge in all the benefits of VR games without a specially made helmet. When you add up the powerful computer to support this advanced technology, you will need a considerable budget to cover all these costs.


However, we have already stated that the entire concept of Virtual Reality casinos needs to develop further. We hope that the people behind the VR gambling will dedicate their time to tackling these issues.

Some of the Most Popular VR Casino Games

  1. VR Slots

Slot machines are without a doubt the most beloved online casino games because they are fast, exciting, and colorful. At the same time, they promise huge winnings from hitting the jackpot. Nothing changes in the Virtual Reality gambling except the fact that you become the part of the slot’s world for real. You can opt for an ancient Rome themed machine or some of the old Hollywood movies’ slots. Whatever you choose, be prepared for unique playing experience.

2. VR Blackjack

When you opt for a game of Blackjack in a Virtual Reality casino, you will get to feel your chips slipping from your hand onto the table; you will be able to hold and feel the cards too, and you can make all the steps necessary to win this game just like in a land-based casino.

3. Virtual Roulette

This beloved casino classic takes the excitement of spinning the Roulette wheel one step further. Visitors of Virtual Reality casinos adore playing virtual Roulette because it lets them step in the middle of the game.


We dedicated some of our time to introduce you to the future of online gambling. As you can see, a lot can be done to make Virtual Reality casinos affordable and a common gambling option. One thing we can say though, Virtual Reality gambling is here to stay, that’s for sure.

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