Steve Wynn’s Sex Scandal Threatens Boston Harbor Property As Regulator Moves In To Evaluate License

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The Sex scandal surrounding Las Vegas casino magnate Steve Wynn is going to the next level. Now, the scandal is affecting his Boston Harbor property.  Wynn’s Massachusetts’ property is subject to review. The state’s gaming regulatory agency now says that it will look into the legitimacy of license. Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) will hold a meeting on Wednesday, January 31, 2017. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss sex misconduct surrounding Steve Wynn. The gaming agency will also discuss the legitimacy of Wynn’s Massachusetts property. The meeting will take place at 2 pm local time.

According to the meeting notice, the gaming agency is already doing all it can to solve the issue. What they are looking at is if Wynn Boston Harbor will still hold an operational license. Investigations And Enforcement Bureau, a department within MGC is responsible for reviewing the permit.  “The suitability and integrity of our gaming licenses are of the utmost importance. Ensuring this suitability is an active and an ongoing process,” says the commission. The state gaming agency later says that the public will know the next step. But maintains that what is important for now is to ensure there is sanity within the gambling sector.

Last week, published a report. In the statement, the journal says that several former female workers report that the avid billionaire forces them to have sex.  According to the news, the billionaire forces the women to have sex with him mainly from the spa. It is in the spa that many women work. In the paper, there are several women with relating accounts. But there is one that is so touching. It involves a manicurist whose name is not in the account.  The lady says that Wynn forces her to have sex. After this, the case should go to court. But the billionaire decides to settle the case outside the court. Steve pays the woman $7.5 million to withdraw the case. Steve is using $2.4 billion to construct Wynn Boston Harbor. Opening date for this property is set for 2019. Also, this is an integrated property that is the Mystic River near Everett.

Once it is open, the facility will feature 671 guestrooms. It will also have an ample retail space. Space will accommodate stall, high-end boutiques, and gift shops. There will also be public parking space, convention, and wedding space. Casino space in this facility is 150, 000 square feet. Steve continues to deny the allegations. He says that what the WSJ reports is a naked lie. 
 “What WSJ reports is a lie. I know they are the works of my ex-wife, Elaine. The woman and I have a very terrible and nasty lawsuit. She wants a revised divorce settlement. She is capable of doing anything to ruin my name,” Steve says. The leadership of Wynn Resorts is showing continued support for their boss. But with the casino company’s stock going low each day, the board is considering quitting. If this happens, it will leave Steve Wynn alone with his sex scandal.

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