The Thoroughbred of Betting Markets

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Now, the hold percentage is large dependent on your pph horse racing software, as precise starting and grading times are required to avoid fraud and loss of business.

At horse racing is treated with the respect it deserves, and special attention is placed to ensure your profits are consistent throughout the year.

Sportsbooks around the world have systematically cut horse racing because of their inability to control punters from winning large sums of money. This however, has created a void and a profitable market that is ripe for the taking, but in order to maximize these opportunities you need a reliable service and an experienced staff.

The superb pph horse racing software of AcePerHead, will allow you to set your track odds based on your specific sheet; you can place wager limits for your entire package and make exceptions for specific players either increasing or lowering their limits. You can also close certain tracks for everyone or just some individuals, giving you complete control of what your players see or not.

Their software supports all major tracks in the US as well as C and D tracks, limits are of course set for each track category to prevent fraud and loses. The software also supports major tracks around the world, providing added value to your clients, major thoroughbred races from around the world can be wagered on in real time and results are posted immediately.

Their professional staff has years of experience managing racebooks and are quick to identify players that could hurt your bottom line in the long run. This information will be shared with you so you can make an informed decision of how to proceed. No actions are taken without your approval, your customers and sub-agents cannot request a change of limits or max payouts, these instructions will only be followed if they come directly from you. This kind of loyalty will guarantee that you remain in control of your business always.

If you are frustrated with complaints from your clients that their wagers were graded as past-post or that it took hours to get the results of the races in, then you need to switch to ACE PER HEAD. There is no reason for you to miss out on huge profits because your current provider cannot offer you a reliable service.

Knowing you have the right technical backing can open opportunities for you to increase your customer base by taking in a lot of these horse racing bettors that have been displaced by your competitors, and in a business where numbers mean everything, generating more volume will inevitably generate more profits with the right platform and staff.

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