PA Web Gambling Will Take at Least a Year to Enact

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Anyone living in Pennsylvania looking to place a bet online tomorrow will be out of luck.

While the state became only the 4th to legalize online gambling, enactment will take at least another year.

Allowing online gambling is part of an overall expansion of gambling within the state that includes video gaming in truck stops.

Over the next few weeks, individual counties can choose to opt out of allowing video gaming terminals.

The number of counties and municipalities that opt out of the expansion will help determine how much revenue the state gets.

Lawmakers are hoping the gambling expansion will result in some additional $200 million in revenues. 

Enacting the expansion will involve auctioning off casino licenses — something the board has never done before, hence the year estimation. 

Casinos already operating within the state get first dibs.  Bidding will be available to casinos outside the state should all ten licenses not be awarded. 

- Gilbert Horowitz,

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