New Figures Suggest the Unstoppable Rise of eSports is Set to Continue

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There are so many different sports and activities that people can make a wager on these days, but one area which is increasingly attracting a lot of attention is the world of competitive gaming – also known as eSports.

The entire scene has been on an incredible journey in recent years and now new figures have suggested that its success looks set to continue in the near future too.

Bright future predicted

ResearchAndMarkets.com recently revealed that the eSports Global Market Report 2020-2030 had been added to its offering, with the figures included within it making for intriguing reading.

The study outlines how the global eSports market is expected to grow to a total value of $1.11 billion this year, which marks an increase of just over two per cent from 2019. Furthermore, big things are expected across the coming years, with the research suggesting that the market could have a total value of $2.11 billion by 2023.

In terms of the countries which are most expected to embrace the concept, the report found that the Asia-Pacific region is anticipated to be the fastest growing area in the coming years. In addition, North America was found to be the largest region in the eSports market last year.

A remarkable evolution

While the figures put a spotlight on what the future of eSports could look like, they also act as a clear reminder of the fascinating evolution that the scene has been through across the past decade or so. The industry has edged ever closer to the mainstream, while the prize money that has been on offer at the biggest events has become massive. For instance, eSportsEarnings.com estimates that the total prize pool for last year’s The International tournament reached around $34 million.

Many major brands like Gillette have also got involved in the area through sponsorship deals, while the offshoot betting scene that eSports has inspired is also growing. As LearnCasinoTips.info explains for example, online casinos have increasingly embraced sports betting of all kinds – including wagers related to leading games like Dota 2.

There always seems to be plenty of headlines about big announcements in eSports too, with one of the most recent being the news that GFinity has agreed to continue its partnership with F1. ProactiveInvestors.co.uk reports that the deal will see the organisation continue to deliver core elements of the F1 eSports Series between now and 2022.


Here to stay

eSports has grown massively in recent years and the latest figures suggest that the future is looking very bright for the industry as a whole. With tournaments now taking place in relation to a host of different titles, it has become a truly fascinating area and one which offers many options when it comes to making a wager.

Whether you’re an experienced gamer or someone who has rarely taken an interest in the pastime before, eSports is likely to offer up something that you will enjoy. The concept is clearly here to stay, so there is probably no better time to get involved and start learning more about it.


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