Looking For a Headache Cure? How About Fast Payouts From America's Bookie

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It seems like customers in the sportsbook industry have more or less taken for granted that they are going to get a song and dance from the book they are dealing with when it comes to that critical time when they are looking to get paid. Surely you have heard the stories about how people have to call fifteen or twenty times just to get a payout sent or tracked. Or who knows - maybe you have been through that forgettable experience yourself.

Yes, it causes a headache. But fortunately, there is some pain relief.

At America's Bookie, SLOW paying or NO paying is unacceptable, and they haven't done that since they put their shingle out for business in 2005. You see, the executive staff has a combined 50 years of experience and know-how; enough to have very intimate knowledge of what pleases customers most - and they bring it right to the table.

That is exactly why payouts come as fast - or faster - than anyone in the industry. It's been their calling card, and in fact, they consider it their best form of advertising. Patrons who have been through the hassle elsewhere would tend to agree.

Requests for payouts are almost always sent out within 48 hours, and often on the same day, which is virtually unheard of. You just can't beat that.

Removing the headaches out of this part of the process is a core belief on the part of the people at America's Bookie - they've been there, and they know it's the last thing you want to have to worry about.

So if you are tired of those operations who make empty promises, you will indeed be relieved to come over to a group that delivers - literally. At America's Bookie, you'll find great free play bonuses with reasonable rollovers. You'll find a user-friendly interface in the sportsbook, with hundreds of different wagering options. You'll find a world-class racebook covering tracks from all over North America, and even beyond. You'll find a poker room where you can any kind of action you want, including tournaments. And you'll find a no-download casino with a healthy selection of your favorite games.

Most importantly, you'll find your money when you need it. Without a headache. Which is the way it should be.

Maybe YOU should be a part of the America's Bookie family this football season. Don't you think it's time for fast payouts and fast relief?

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