Gambling Addict Bludgeons Man With Hammer, Chopped Up Body Receives 22 Years Prison

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  • Victim was 70-years old best friend of killer
  • David Napier plundered the bank account of dead friend of $2000
  • Killer had $20K in gambling debts
  • 'I am a piece of s***,' Napier told the court

An cold-blooded killer who bludgeoned a man with a hammer then chopped his body into pieces after the victim refused to give him a $100 loan to fuel his gambling addiction will now be spending 22 years in prison.

David Napier of Calista, Western Australia killed his 70-year-old best friend, Richard Andrews.

After the murder last August Napier also stole $2,000 in cash from Mr. Andrews.

After the murder, Napier cleaned the property with bleach and sugar soap, and told neighbours he had gone on a holiday to Albany.

The 53-year-old was swimming in $20,000 in gambling debts.  He had previously borrowed thousands of dollars from Mr Andrews.

Justice Bruno Fiannaca said the way Napier desecrated the body was calculated and ghastly, and described his behaviour as monstrous, callously concealed with an elaborate facade.

'He was always someone who had shown you kindness,' the judge said.

'He was your only real friend.

'You denied him dignity in death and you profited.

'To ordinary, decent members of the community, your crimes would defy comprehension.’

The court heard Napier told police he didn't know what came over him.

'I am a piece of s***,' he said.

- Jagajeet Chiba,

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