Bookie Tips: 5 Truths About Sportsbook Management Software

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Although sportsbook management software won’t solve every issue online bookie agents run up against, it’s necessary if agents wish to compete.

Sportsbook management software has leveled the playing field so that neighborhood bookies can compete with online sportsbooks.

Individual bookies do this by creating their own online sportsbooks. With their own online sportsbooks, individual bookies can offer the same betting services that other online sportsbooks offer.

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5 Truths About Sportsbook Management Software

Sportsbook management software is so important that most neighborhood bookies can’t exist without it. Check out the most important 5 truths about sportsbook management software

Truth #1 – Without the right pay per head company, online bookies won’t succeed

Without the right pay per head company, an online bookie won’t succeed. This is true because the right pay per head company offers advantages that other pay per head companies might not offer.

Truth #2 – Sportsbook management software can help you retain clients

This is obvious. Sportsbook management software, the very best that a per head agent can get, helps those agents retain their clients.

The reason is because the best per head software also provides the best betting interfaces for sports bettors. The better the wagering interface, the easier it is for sports bettors to wager.

Truth #3 – Sportsbook management software can help online bookies forecast

The very best sportsbook software provides multiple reports. Agents can use those multiple reports to forecast. Forecasting is important in any industry.

It can be especially important in the sports betting industry where revenue drops after the NFL and college football seasons.

Truth #4 – Sportsbook management software can help online bookies create new revenue streams

Sportsbook management software can help online bookies create new revenue streams.

By studying player activity reports, bookmakers will see where they can improve revenue streams for specific players.

Promoting different revenue streams like MLB betting to traditional NFL bettors, as an example, will help increase MLB betting action.

Truth #5 – The best per head sportsbook management software allows pay per head agents to create sharp lines

There’s a misunderstanding among many online bookies that sportsbook management software won’t allow them to create sharp lines. That’s just not true.

Some premium sportsbook software, like the Prime Package by, allows their pay per head agents to create sharp lines via the line mover.

This allows bookies to mitigate risk by disallowing refunds.

That’s why Truth #1 is the most important. If a bookmaker goes with the right per head company as soon as the bookmaker decides to become an online bookie agent, that bookmaker can’t go wrong. is an asset to online bookies. Their white-labelled software, and easy to use interface makes it easy to start making serious cash.

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