Ace Per Head Introduces New And Improved Live Dealer Casino Option

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The Best sportsbook providers and price per head sites are constantly making updates and improvements to their website and product, which means it is important to choice a service that actually takes the time and spends the resources to do this. There are plenty of services available, but most just have a static product that never improves or updates as time goes by. A lot of that has to do with companies just not really having the necessary research and development bankroll to achieve this.

Ace Per Head is a PPH provider that falls under the group of websites that is always making updates and improvements to their site and product. Their latest update includes the addition of a brand new Live Dealer Casino. Unlike the regular virtual online casino that you play against the computer, this Live Dealer actually has real people dealing the cards and manning the table games. Not only can you see a real live beautiful women Dealer while you are playing, you can even interact with them thru a chat feature. It helps to create the feeling as if you were actually sitting in a real casino and playing at the table but without the hassle of getting dressed up and going to your nearest brick and mortar casino, which could be hours or even days away.

Also unlike some Live Dealer Casinos that only have 1 table option for Black Jack and Roulette, this version on has 3 different table games and a total of 8 tables. For Black Jack, there are 4 tables and 2 tables have a minimum wager limit of $25 and maximum wager limit of $750 and 2 tables that have a minimum wager limit of $10 and maximum wager limit of $250. In Roulette, there are 3 tables and each table has a minimum wager limit of 50 cents and maximum wager limit of $12,500. Then the last game is Baccarat which has 1 table with a minimum wager limit of $1 and maximum wager limit of $12,500. This all allows players to have multiple options and less chance of having to wait to play at a specific table.

Lastly, this feature which allows players to have the experience of being at a real casino while at the comforts of their own home, is perfect to keep players betting all year round, instead of just playing during the peak NFL season. In addition, this feature is also available on the mobile website, which means players can play this from anywhere in the world. The best part though is that this added feature only costs a measly $5 a week per player that uses it and there are no commissions taken out like most Live Dealer Programs do, which means agents keep all the loses. This is a great feature to offer any players that already like playing the virtual casino and to offer players that like going to the casino, without having to actually go to the casino.

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