5 Ways Bookies Are Losing Money On Their Pay Per Head Sites

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Online bookie agents must be wary of anything that can harm their businesses. Check out 5 ways bookmakers are losing money on their pay per head sites.

1. DDoS Attacks

DDoS attacks, distributed denial of service attacks, can happen to bookmakers on the biggest days of the year. What’s a DDoS attack?

Pretty much, it’s a malicious software attack that uses multiple servers to basically clog up a system. Think of it as the 405 freeway in Los Angeles.

During down times, the 405’s great. It can get you to the beach. However, during rush hour it’s impossible to get where you want to go without delays.

DDoS attacks often happen during game time, which is why they can be such a huge issue.

Companies like PayPerHead.com routinely update their pay per head software and ensure none of their agents must suffer through DDoS attacks.

2. Line errors

You can get line errors on some pay per head sites because, well, lines aren’t graded correctly.

That won’t happen on sites like PayPerHead.com, though. The reason? Sites like PayPerHead ensure lines are graded correctly based on their proprietary software.

They also have a team of experts to ensure those lines are correctly graded on an individual bookies’ site.

3. No tools to look out for sharp bettors

Sharp bettors aren’t always a bad thing. It helps pay per head agents to provide betting services to sharp bettors because they add gravitas.

However, sharps take advantage, which is why per head companies that don’t offer layoff accounts and line movers aren’t helping their agents manage sharp betting.

PayPerHead.com also offers the BetAlert.Which adds extra help in identifying sharp bettors by alerting you when a bet may move the lines and cause you money loss.

4. Mobile Betting

Most pay per head organizations say they offer mobile betting. How many actually do? More importantly, how many actually offer mobile betting on all devices?

One of the reasons to work with a company like PayPerHead’s is that they offer mobile betting on all devices.

Mobile’s the way to go. Make sure you can offer your clients the best in mobile betting.

5. Betting options

Betting options can still be an issue. Offering customers a multitude of betting options can be a great way to garner more action.

Also, it’s absolutely imperative that any pay per head software bookies work with companies that offer both an online racebook and an online casino.  

If you’re losing money on your pay per head site, it’s time to upgrade. You can learn more about PayPerHead and their premium site experience by speaking to a rep.

Plus, find out how you can get their exclusive TruLive wagering FREE for one month. Offer your clientele a premium experience with a premium white-labelled pay per head software.

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