Income Access Network Launches Kaffiliation and

Income Access network, one of the top online affiliate programs in the world and one that caters to the online gambling sector, has launched its newest affiliate platform - Kaffiliation!


Submitted by Guest on, Apr/17/2012 announces the acquisition of online sportsbook Bet Vegas Vic

Reduced-juice sportsbook welcomes their newest members with unrivaled sports betting value and generous rebates

On Monday morning reduced juice sportsbook finalized the acquisition of competitor

Submitted by Guest on, Apr/16/2012

All of North Dakota’s Property Tax Could Have Been Paid for by Online Gambling

North Dakota Representative Jim Kasper was the first politician to conceive of the idea to legalize and operate online gambling sites from a US state back in 2005. 


His state missed out on a golden opportunity. 

Submitted by Gilbert Horowitz on, Apr/15/2012

New Jersey Internet Gambling Should be Set for Fall

A vote to legalize online gambling in New Jersey will take place in the state’s senate on May 31.  The delay will push back the start of legalized Internet gambling in the Garden State somewhat, but the bill’s sponsor, Raymond Lesniak, still anticipates a fall starting date.


Submitted by Gilbert Horowitz on, Apr/15/2012

Online Gambling Film ‘Runner, Runner’ Will Star Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake

A film that delves into the world of online gambling, “Runner, Runner”, will star two big names, Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake.

“The Lincoln Lawyer” director Brad Furman will head up the project.

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, Apr/14/2012

‘Deal or No Deal’ Dealt Lifeline From Gambling Ban

Regulators have saved one of Great Britain’s beloved quiz shows “Deal or No Deal” by backing off of imposing gambling restrictions on it and other similar shows. 


Submitted by Jordan Bach on, Apr/14/2012

Hollywood Casino Columbus Hiring 600 Dealers

Calling all dealers in and around the Columbus, Ohio area.  There are job openings for 600 dealers at the Hollywood Casino in Columbus.  Full time and part time employment opportunities are available. 

Submitted by Aaron Goldstein on, Apr/13/2012

Vegas Priest Who Siphoned $650k to Support Video Poker Habit Will Begin Prison Term

LAS VEGAS (AP) — A Roman Catholic priest from Las Vegas was due to surrender Friday at a federal prison in Texas to begin serving three years and one month for siphoning $650,000 from his northwest Las Vegas parish to support a video poker and casino gambling habit.

Monsignor Kevin McAuliffe, 59, planned to turn himself in as required at the low-security La Tuna correctional institution in the Texas-New Mexico border town of Anthony, defense attorney Margaret Stanish told The Associated Press.

Submitted by Guest on, Apr/13/2012

Joe Brennan Jr: ‘I’m Not Anti-Federal But (Federal Online Gambling) Just Not in the Cards' (Video)

Appearing on the popular radio show this week, Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association head Joe Brennan, Jr. wants everyone to know that legalizing online gambling in New Jersey is moving full steam ahead.

Brennan is an advocate for state rights, but insists he has nothing against federal legislation.  He just doesn’t see it happening any time soon.

Submitted by Nagesh Rath on, Apr/12/2012

NFL Lifts Ban on Casino Ads for Two Years

The National Football League on Thursday announced it will lift a ban on teams advertising at casinos for a two year period.

This was taken from ProFootball Talk’s Mike Florio:

Submitted by Aaron Goldstein on, Apr/12/2012

Washington Post: Gambling’s ‘Unholy’ Grip in the State of Maryland

First it was the US Attorney’s Office in Maryland setting up a phony payment solutions company then spending the nearly two years worth of seized funds on brand new police cars for Anne Arundel County, now state politicians have come under fire for allegedly holding “spending hostage to the gaming industry’s interests”,

Submitted by Jagajeet Chiba on, Apr/12/2012

Israel’s ‘China’ Approach to Online Gambling Fails

They are supposed to be the most democratic country in the Middle East, yet Israel’s stance on Internet gambling over the past two years has been akin to that of China, or worse, the United States.


And while the US has been seizing Internet domain names, Israel has taken things one step further by blocking its citizens from accessing online gambling domains.

Submitted by Gilbert Horowitz on, Apr/12/2012

Sid Rosenberg Found Drunk Behind Wheel in Fetal Position

Back in February reported on how South Florida sports radio host Sid Rosenberg was accused of owing an offshore sportsbook $44,000.  Now comes word of Rosenberg’s arrest for DUI last week.

Submitted by Jagajeet Chiba on, Apr/11/2012

Tribes Hold the Cards in California Online Poker Effort: New Jersey Racing to be First

The odds of New Jersey legalizing online poker first is much greater than California doing so and the San Francisco Chronicle’s Demian Bulwa does a superb job of laying out the reason why.

Bulwa doesn’t draw comparisons between the two states but rather offers the various obstacles standing in the way of California's efforts.

Submitted by Jagajeet Chiba on, Apr/11/2012

Commission Junction Drops Covers Experts: The Casualties of War

The sports handicapping “war” shows no letup even if both sides seem a bit apprehensive in terms of releasing critical information.

It began when Management sources within advised that rival Covers had provided its handicappers with an ultimatum heading into this year’s March Madness:  “Leave Pregame or leave us”.   

Submitted by C Costigan on, Apr/10/2012

US Owes Antigua $120 Million in Damages Over WTO Online Gambling Dispute

In 2007 The World Trade Organization (WTO) demanded the United States government pay restitution to the tiny Caribbean nation of Antigua after the later won a judgment against Uncle Sam.  Antigua essentially accused the USA back then of protectionism and engaging in unfair competitive practices as it pertained to the Caribbean nation’s role in regulating what is now a multi-billion dollar online gambling industry.

Submitted by C Costigan on, Apr/10/2012

Nevada Gambling Revenues Up 5.7 Percent in February: Online Poker Traffic Sees Gain

Good news for both the Las Vegas gambling and online poker sectors as both reported gains. 


Gaming Control Board officials announced on Tuesday that Nevada gambling revenues were up 5.7 percent with Las Vegas Strip casinos seeing a 3.3 percent surge. 

Overall revenue generated included $932 million in the state and $531 million from the Vegas Strip casinos. 

Submitted by Aaron Goldstein on, Apr/10/2012

Inquirer: Odds Improve for Atlantic City Internet Gambling

The Philadelphia Inquirer on Tuesday featured an article on the prospects of Internet gambling in Atlantic City.


Submitted by Aaron Goldstein on, Apr/10/2012

Instant Banking for Online Gambling Could Return to US Soon

There may be a new payment processor in town for those in the US online gambling community. has reported on the merger of two big name payment processors, Mazooma and BigPoint


Submitted by Aaron Goldstein on, Apr/09/2012

Maryland Now Allows Gambling on Fantasy Sports: Life Behind Bars for Booking NFL Games

As Bodog Founder Calvin Ayre, 50, faces more than 25 years behind prison for running one of the largest online sports betting enterprises and targeting residents of Maryland, that state has just begun allowing wagers on fantasy sports.  Exceptional timing!!!  We can't make this stuff up even if we tried. 

Submitted by Jagajeet Chiba on, Apr/09/2012

Will Online Gambling Really Discourage People From Visiting Atlantic City?

An opinion piece in the Bergen Record suggests that the legalization of online gambling in the state of New Jersey (looking more inevitable by the day) may do more harm than good.  In particular, online gambling could serve to actually discourage people from visiting Atlantic City.


Submitted by Aaron Goldstein on, Apr/08/2012

Jenny Woo Odds on Having a ‘Black Friday’ Baby: NBA Futures 2012 (Video)

In her final installment of before her maternity leave,’s Senior International Correspondent Jenny Woo talks about odds of her having Baby Lily before or after the infamous April 15 date of “Black Friday”.  

Submitted by Jagajeet Chiba on, Apr/07/2012

Former Bookie Smothered in Bed: Wife and Daughter Sentenced to Life

The wife and daughter of a retired bookmaker, Don Banfield, have been found guilty of smothering the man to death for his insurance money. 

Former tax inspector Shirley Banfield, 64, and her daughter Lynette, 40, admitted to two charges of conspiracy to defraud and charges of forgery as well as the perverting of course of justice, though they denied murdering Banfield 11 years ago. 

The pair pocketed more than £120,000, some of which went into the purchase of their Canterbury, England home.   

Submitted by Gilbert Horowitz on, Apr/06/2012

Manitoba Launches Online Gambling Venture

BCLC set off on a new course for its online business today, announcing that it is partnering with Manitoba Lotteries to provide online gambling to Manitobans.

"We launched online gaming in British Columbia to provide a secure and legal option for people who play online and to keep revenues in the province that otherwise would be going to illegal gambling sites," said the Honourable Rich Coleman, Minister Responsible for BCLC. "We are pleased to share our expertise with Manitoba to strengthen regulated online gambling in Canada."

Submitted by Guest on, Apr/05/2012

Spring Cleaning at Cryptologic as Amaya Gaming Takes Over: Shares to be Delisted

With Amaya Gaming assuming 81 percent of troubled Cryptologic’s issued shares, CEO David Gayagan has resigned as has CFO Huw Spiers, general counsel Nick Catros and two other board members. 

Amaya CEO/President David Baazoy is slated to take over Gavagan’s position effective immediately.

Cryptologic, once the leader in online gambling software, has lost its competitive edge in recent years as a result of mismanagement and executive in-fighting. 

Submitted by Aaron Goldstein on, Apr/05/2012

ScAYREy Fact: Bodog Founder’s Attorney Slotnick had Not Lost a Case in 12 Years

News of Bodog founder Calvin Ayre hiring the father-son tandem of Barry and Stuart Slotnick to represent him in a criminal case filed by the US Attorney’s Office in Maryland might not have resonated throughout the industry the way it should have.  Hardly any industry media outside of really reported on this story. 

Submitted by C Costigan on, Apr/05/2012

New Jersey Internet Gambling: What They’re Saying

The excitement continues to build as New Jersey inches its way to becoming only the second state in the US after Nevada to legalize Internet gambling.  The Garden State has more grandiose plans when compared to Nevada as they have hinted at forming state compacts and taking bets from other countries that allow it.  State Senator Raymond Lesniak, a co-sponsor of the bill, wants New Jersey to become the “Silicon Valley of Internet Gambling”. 

Submitted by Alejandro Botticelli on, Apr/05/2012

iMEGA Files Notice of Appeal Regarding Kentucky Domain Seizure

The Interactive Media Entertainment & Gaming Association (IMEGA) has submitted a Motion of Appeal regarding the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s attempt to seize 141 Internet domain names related to online gambling, some of which are no longer being utilized or have since been seized by the US Justice Department. 

On March 8, Judge Thomas Wingate ruled that no party with adequate standing had presented themselves to contest the forfeiture order issued nearly four years ago.

Submitted by C Costigan on, Apr/04/2012

Palms Casino Prepares to Open New Sportsbook

The fabulous Palms Casino is preparing to open a brand new state-of-the-art sportsbook.

Submitted by Aaron Goldstein on, Apr/04/2012 Opens Its Doors

BetOnline is excited to announce that on Wednesday, April 4th, 2012 they will transfer all of their accounts to the website  


Submitted by Guest on, Apr/04/2012

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