Where to Bet on the Super Bowl Outside the U.S.?

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Hey it's not just the millions of people living in the United States who will be betting on Sunday's Super Bowl.  There are countless numbers of individuals living abroad who will do the same, and not all of them are ex-pats. 

"The Super Bowl is watched by folks who have never stepped foot in the U.S.," points out Don Shapiro of Gambling911.com.  "Regular season NFL games are broadcast across Europe as an example."

So if you are asking yourself "Where can I bet on the 2009 Super Bowl living outside the United States?"  Just about every online sportsbook offers betting on the Super Bowl regardless of where that sportsbook is based.

More specifically, Sportingbet.com, is the marquee brand sponsoring the Gambling911.com website that is located in Europe and trades on the London Stock Exchange.  They offer just as many proposition bets as their U.S. facing counterparts.

The NFL has been marketing and pushing the NFL in Europe for many years now and Commisioner Roger Goodell last year decideed to host full regular season NFL games in London.

An even more interesting prospect:  The NFL could actually host a Super Bowl in London some day.

"We've sold 95,000 tickets for a regular season game over there and there is a lot of interest in having a Super Bowl in London," Goodell said in comments broadcast by Arizona's 12 News television.

An NFL spokesman said Goodell's comments did not indicate that a Super Bowl outside the United States for the first time was imminent.

"He said it would be something we would consider. It's very much in the early stages. We have Super Bowl committed (to U.S venues) through 2011," said the spokesman.

In other comments during his trip to Arizona, Goodell mentioned Toronto as another possible destination for the Super Bowl.

"It wouldn't be surprising if the Torontos of the world and the Londons of the world say, 'We want a piece of that'," Goodell was quoted as saying by the Arizona Cardinals website (www.azcardinals.com).

The Super Bowl began in 1967 as a meeting of the winners of the NFL and the American Football League and after the two leagues merged in 1970 it became the championship match of the NFL.

The bottom line is that websites catering to the worldwide market like Sportingbet.com certainly will not be ignoring Sunday's Super Bowl.  There is plenty of interest among bettors across the globe.

As of 4:30 am EST Gambling911.com was observing plenty of Europeans inquiring about bets on the 2009 Super Bowl in fact.

Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher 

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