Stephen Conroy’s Net Filtering Initiative Still Alive And Kicking

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Net Filtering


The Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, is moving forward with his Internet filter policy despite a near zero chance of the legislation passing either the house of Parliament, the Sydney Morning Herald reported on Friday.

University of Sydney Associate Professor Bjorn Landfeldt told that paper it was "remarkable" the government was "pushing the very issues that undermined their credibility, rather than focusing their energy on important societal issues" following disastrous election results, catapulted, at least in part, by the controversial initiatives described.

"One may wonder exactly what underlies this relentless pursuit of a mirage, given that there is just about zero support outside the cabinet," said Landfeldt.

"Surely it is no longer a matter of believing that the policy would benefit the general public."

Conroy is looking to block so-called “offensive” websites, more specifically those that are pornographic.  However, a Wikileaks document revealed a list of hundreds of proposed domain names that included legal online gambling websites like Betfair.com and an Australian dentist. 

Media Man International founder and director, journalist and long time Gambling911 contributor had this to say on the controversial Aussie Internet filter proposal and Sen Conroy's latest as we learn his agenda is still very much alive.

"I give Senator Stephen Conroy high marks - a 10 for focus and a 10 for persistence, but a 0 - Golden Donut for both his lack of listening to his colleagues in the Australian Parliament and not listening to the Australian public. That was the same mistake ex PM Kevin Rudd made. Stephen, there's no shame in admitting you just got it wrong this time. The Parliament says you are off the mark, as does the Australian public. As the Rolling Stones say, please just let it 'Fade To Black'.  

“No one is perfect, and the sooner you admit your mistake, the sooner people - mums and dads, business entrepreneurs, ISP operators, journalists and the like... will start to respect you again. At least now with the diverse mix of political parties in Australian Parliament there is a more genuine consultation with different people, not just one or two MP's trying to push their own agenda.  It looks like the new Australian Government is working better, and I suspect Liberal's Tony 'The Bruiser' Abbott and Malcolm 'No Bull' Turnbull are both key drivers in helping the Aussie Parliament see sense on this matters.  Even The Greens seem to get it, so well done to the new and improved senate. As Julia 'Jungle Girl' Gillard says, 'Moving Forward'!  Senator Conroy, perhaps your energy will be better spent trying to ensure the success of the NBN broadband network (so it doesn't end up being a complete White Elephant also).  

“It's about even odds if its going to be great or a complete screw up, so focus on that hey.  Media Man and our friends in 'The Gumleaf Mafia' think you might do well to have another chat to James 'Casino King' Packer on this one again if you need more convincing. Time to hit the golf green again and have a bit of small talk? No To The Filter - now and forever, as ABBA says. For the record, Media Man is primarily a media, publicity and internet portal development company, and we cover over a dozen different sectors, gaming and politics included, but you likely got that part right by now. Stephen, let's end the war of words. How about a drink at Bondi Iceberg's at Bondi Beach sometime? Maybe we can also spin to win at Berg's Gaming?  Now, don't just take it from us.. read today's edition of The Sydney Morning Herald - uncensored, caffeine free and a no spin zone".


Alistair Prescott, Gambling911.com 

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