Real Money Candy Crush Coming to NJ: Video Gaming Addiction Specialists Cringe

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Jagajeet Chiba
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Real Money Candy Crush Coming to NJ: Video Gaming Addiction Specialists Cringe

Candy Crush Saga is the uber popular social gaming platform that now rivals what Farmville had been a few years ago.  And now Candy Crush is coming to Atlantic City to save the day.  That resort town has lost more than a quarter of its land-based casinos in the past year as the gambling landscape continues to shift with the times.

The New Jersey state Division of Gaming Enforcement see the light it seems.  They plan to take a look at skill game developers' proposals to conduct real-money gambling on skill-based games in Atlantic City.

“The phenomenon is very real,” says Payton O’Brien, Senior Editor of the website and a force within the Candy Crush stratosphere.  “For every ten people who want to match three green jelly beans for bragging rights, there has got to be at least one of those individuals willing to do so for real money, at least that is what AC operators must be counting on.”

Social skill games like Candy Crush and Farmville 2 are considered highly addictive, easily accessible on smartphones and appeal to young people, everything real money gaming operators desire and more.

Players could face off against one another to compete for a prize, with the casino taking a fixed percentage of it.

The very components cited above could also prove detrimental. 

There is actually a thriving Video Game Addiction Therapist industry, some of which is taking shape in the Garden State (who would have thunk it?)

Internet Addiction Therapist Andrew Green touts his success: “Do you suffer from sexual or internet addiction?  I have been successfully helping clients suffering from addiction, mood, and anxiety disorders regain control of their lives. I use my warmth, sensitivity, and humor to create a healthy and balanced therapeutic relationship with my clients.”

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July Rutherford, the director of UK Rehab says: “When people think of addiction they automatically imagine drugs and alcohol being the only substances which can lead to long term health problems. The fact is we now live in a digital age and more and more people are calling us seeking help for video game addiction, addiction to online pornographey and online gambling.”

Sam Turnbull a member of UK Rehab Team reports “Due to the sharp rise in callers seeking help with Candy Crush addiction we realised that it was time to put together a treatment package which would help deal with not only this game but others that may be released in the future.”

And there is even a Candy Crush Addict Support Group Facebook page.  Yes, that would be the same Facebook that got us all addicted to Candy Crush Saga in the first place.

For its part, King Digital Entertainment, the makers of Candy Crush Saga, said it "does not have any plans to license Candy Crush Saga or any of our other games for use in casino slot machines or for any form of gambling."

- Jagajeet Chiba,

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