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Online Gambling Affiliate Programs considers itself somewhat unbiased when it comes to the world of online gambling affiliate programs.  While it's true we do take ad money, Gambling911 is one of the few media/portal businesses in the sector that does not rely on affiliate partnerships, which can pay up to 50 percent commissions for every referred customer's losses.  There are other forms of affiliate agreements that do not rely on losses/revenue sharing. earlier this year exposed that the watchdog group, Casino Affiliate Programs (CAP), had entities who opened their own online poker room without disclosure to paying members.  This resulted in a complete overhaul of that organization and the demand from online casino affiliates for more transparency.

We have also exposed some of the shoddy practices employed by some online gambling affiliate programs in recent months.  PKR Poker deciding to change their software program and prohibiting its customers from reviewing player stats is just one of the latest complaints we're hearing. 

J. Todd of the APCW has done a remarkable job of bringing to light the wrongdoings of the Grand Prive online casino group, who systematically cut off all their "lifetime" affiliate partners just because they felt like it.  Todd has alerted us that other online gambling companies may be looking to follow suit.

Make no mistake about it, there is plenty of good in the online gambling affiliate sector.  Much of the success comes from those who regularly interact with their partners in a professional manner.

Attending these affiliate casino conferences, time and time again I always hear how professional and attentive Erin from Partners is and her interaction with partners truly stands out.  They offer a 35 percent revenue share for clients. happens to be a long time sponsor of the website, however, their affiliate arm makes every effort to operate independently.  As one of the old school sports betting operations, I'm actually quite surprised how well they've been able to develop their affiliate program.  Everyone I speak to agrees that Partners provide accurate stats and attentive service.

I think we are starting to see some of the online sports betting sites focus more on their affiliate programs. Partners, however, has pulled far ahead of the pack in recent years. 

Likewise, Shaun O'Neill is a friend of ours who we know will bring great things to his new venture, Nordic Gaming.  Shaun is a fixture on the Internet gambling affiliate scene and comes to us via the well-branded  Of course, we would be remiss in pointing out that the later company might suffer a bit without his presence.  The smart affiliate partner knows to take his or her business with the individual he or she trusts.  This is common practice in many businesses today.  Some would argue it's not always ethical.  I would point out that my customers best needs are served by the individual that works closely with and takes care of my clients.  When he or she goes, my clients will go with them.  Perhaps somebody as attentive and efficient as Shaun has taken over his position at  I'm yet to meet them.

To illustrate what we are talking about, Shaun just informed us of the launch of an aggressive, new affiliate program aimed at seizing a large portion of the regional market.   Considering he's only been there about a month, this is pretty impressive stuff.

"This is a really hot program and the affiliates we've been in touch with far have been signing up like you wouldn't believe," said Shaun O'Neill, NGG's Affiliate Manager. "To be honest, it's an easy sell since the affiliates have already been turned on by our top-notch products and services. They especially like the fact that we've got such a wide sportsbook offer and can work well in both the global and local markets."

O'Neill is himself considered one of the program's largest assets. After four years of active work in the affiliate sector, he has developed extensive contacts and become a recognized heavyweight in the industry.

"We're lucky to have Shaun on board," said NGG's CEO, Per Hellberg. "He knows this aspect of the industry inside and out, and understands exactly what the affiliates want. This program will be a nice complement to our already successful business and we are expecting to get a lot out of it."

NGG will showcase its new affiliate program at the Budapest Affiliate Conference 2009, held September 10 - 13 and they will be located at F20/22.

Speaking of the Budapest Affiliate Conference, how about that Doyle Brunson!  Yeah, THAT Doyle Brunson, the 70-something who can barely operate a lawn mower who somehow has become the most entertaining of the Twitter bunch. is also making it clear they intend to be a force in the online poker affiliate business and to illustrate this fact, they unleashed their most potent weapon - Doyle himself.  He'll be attending the Budapest Affiliate Conference 2009.  Doyles had an initial rough go in the online poker affiliate sector as they were at the mercy of a network that exited the US market rather abruptly three years ago.  The group behind DoylesRoom is committed to affiliate marketing and I believe they will become one of the fastest emerging brands over the coming 12 months. will be covering the online gambling affiliate market more extensively over the coming months.  Watch for our reports regularly.

Christopher Costigan, Publisher 

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