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Everybody is talking about Doyle Brunson and his lovely wife Louise being featured in an expose appearing in this week's Wall Street Journal.  They join other happy couples like the Ozbournes and the Carters (Jimmy and Roselyn, not Nick and Aaron). 

The Wall Street Journal examines the secret of lasting relationships.

Doyle Brunson's secret is that he "Keeps secrets" from his wife.  Brunson admits he doesn't share everything with his wife.

"I have won and lost millions of dollars without her knowing," he says.

Louise tells the Wall Street Journal that she has her own bank account.

The Brunsons, who live in Las Vegas, have stood by each other through some serious trials in their 47 years of marriage, including the death of a daughter and an armed robbery of their home, during which they were tied up at gunpoint.

In my native India there is no greater event in a family than a wedding. Marriage is deemed essential for virtually everyone in India, and very few end in divorce.  Most marriages are arranged, including my own and I love her dearly the same way that Doyle loves his Louise. 

It is truly a sad commentary on American life that the divorce rate is so high and infidelity common. The divorce rate in America for first marriage, vs. second or third marriage 50% percent of first marriages, 67% of second and 74% of third marriages

We can learn a great deal from the Brunsons as Valentine's Day looms just around the corner this Sunday.

For those of you single looking for that perfect love this Valentine's Day weekend, I offer some useful advise in order to initiate the dating process and build a lasting bond, hopefully beyond Sunday.  And maybe 50 years from now the Wall Street Journal or Gamlbing911.com can do an expose on your relationship. 

Wear blue out this weekend (not red) as the color signifies a deep desire for sexual pleasure.  And, while that may not be the ultimate goal, it probably will be, especially if you drink more than three glasses of red wine. 

Take your woman on a bike ride first, not in your car.  If it is too cold where you are, skip this part. 

Should the female wish to be entertained at your home, play CDs that are not explicitly related to pornography yet they should have some spicy element to them.  Do not play rap music on a first date.  Play country music only if it is soft and you live in parts of the US where this type of music is accepted (i.e. not Manhattan).

When viewing a movie, you begin on separate seats. As the film progresses, especially during times of great sadness, move close to the person and give brushing touches. If there is no negative response take the palms and start caressing the soft body parts. Keep this stimulating play.  Hint:  Cinema Paradiso is a great film for the woman to desire a man's comfort.  They will cry at the end, I guarantee this. 

Ask if the female is ready to explore sexual gratification.  Your room should have plenty of scented candles already burning.  Incense enriches a woman's hormones. 

Once complete, ask your partner how was the sexual experience and whether you hurt her during the activity.

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We can also learn a great deal from the sexual rituals of insects this Valentine's Day weekend.  

Snails, for example, circle one another for up to 6 hours then both of them touch each others tentacles and bite lips and genitals. Pressure builds in snail A's genitals, which houses a 'love dart'.  The rest is history. Sadly, Doyles' love dart these days draws blanks.

Male grasshoppers invoke 400 serenades by rubbing their little legs together.  When Doyle rubs his knobby knees together it is said to sound like wind chimes.  Lynx spiders eat while they mate (as does Doyle Brunson so we are told, but only when his teeth are in). He mounts her to satisfy his sexual drive. Hungry female lynx lets the captor to do his will as she satisfies her pleasure and her stomach.  He tangles other insects in the web for her indulgence.  Yummy.

Much like the Brunsons, penguins do not stray. When they fall in love the two birds stand breast to breast with their heads thrown back, singing loudly with outstretched, trembling flippers.  The male waits two weeks before placing his head upon the female's stomach.  Then the two find a secluded bush where they become more passionate.  They stay monogamous until death, much like Doyle and Louise.

Not to leave out our gay friends.  Male geese often can be seen courting one another.  During mating season, the female will waddle between the two males and form a threesome, sort of sounds like how our own Jenny Woo will be spending her Valentine's Day.  Tiny goslings are later born and the two male geese father them.   Seagulls engage in lesbian acts, especially those living in California (figures!).  They go through the motions of courting and lay sterile eggs. 

In the end, you must be able to accept your mate for who he or she is.  As you can see above, there is so much diversity to be had this Valentine's Day.   Insects and birds rarely judge and neither did Louise Brunson when she first hooked up with the Texas Dolly back in 1961.

"Love is the most important thing," says Louise Brunson, 78. "You have to love your spouse more than life itself."

And she accepted Doyle even after he admitted his gambling ways and how that is the way he made a living.

Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com

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