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Lebron James’ ‘Crooked Rabbi’... Israeli Mafia and Charlie Sheen

Lebron James’ ‘Crooked Rabbi’... Israeli Mafia and Charlie Sheen

While TMZ recently exclusively reported that NBA superstar Lebron James has sent out invites for his wedding and it is set for the holiest Jewish day of the year, Yom Kippur –  his Jewish Rabbi wont be able to attend, and maybe that's why he scheduled for that day.


Perhaps the reason he did the wedding on a Jewish date is to ensure his Rabbi cannot show --- as James’ Rabbi is in deep legal trouble. 

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto is sought for questioning in the US by American & Israeli police officers for questioning regarding attempts to bribe a senior Israeli police officer for information. Pinto & his wife were previously arrested in Israel for bribery, and immediately prior to questioning, Pinto’s wife attempted to commit suicide. 

The last American wedding Pinto officiated at was for Israeli gangster, Hai Waknine who married a Ford model – at which Charlie Sheen and his children participated in the December 2012 wedding.

Of course, none of this stops Lebron from winning on the court….