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An individual posting on the Two Plus Two website forum claims that his $1600 in winnings are being "held hostage" by the world's second largest online poker room, Full Tilt Poker, after he was suspended for allegedly sharing a computer with another person.

"Here's one of the real downsides of having no real legitimacy to online poker. I was recently suspended from FTP for alleged association with another user (I posted my problem on the BBV board). I say "alleged" because I have no idea what other user they are talking about and they won't tell me. I've made exactly two on-line transfers of money in the past year, for $12 and $60, to users who, to the best of my knowledge, are above board.

"Not looking for sympathy (as my father used to say: "you'll find sympathy in the dictionary somewhere between **** and syphilis") because, if the BBV board is any indication, most people will assume I'm guilty until proven innocent.

"My point is this: I have no recourse and no rights. I have to wait for FTP to complete their investigation and they won't even tell me how long that might take. Meanwhile my $1600 is held hostage. If online poker were legitimized through legislation I would at least have some avenue to take. Another reason to support the PPA."

The PPA in question is the Poker Players Association, which is actually heavily supported by none other than Full Tilt Poker.

Full Tilt sent the player in question this email:

Thank you for writing to Full Tilt Poker Support.

Unfortunately we cannot reveal to you the accounts to which you are associated with, both for security and privacy reasons.

Due to your proximity to the accounts in question we have no choice but to suspend your account as well. We only suspend those accounts whose owners share the same computers or who habitually log into the same network with the person who's under security review. The idea is to limit the exposure of the site to a possible concerted effort from a group of individuals to defraud it. It is by no means an accusation of fraud on your part but we must take every possible precaution to defend the site, which includes preventive suspensions.

Since the pace of the investigation depends on the cooperation of the persons being investigated we cannot give you an timetable either. Rest assured, however, that we will get in touch with you the moment it is completed.

Thank you for you patience and understanding.


Larry N

Full Tilt Poker Support

How this turns out remains anybody's guess.  Full Tilt Poker has come under fire recently for switching over to a "headache prone" new software platform.

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