Daniel Tzvetkoff Surrenders His Passport

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C Costigan
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Daniel Tzvetkoff

As a condition of indicted online gambling payment processor Daniel Tzvetkoff's bail, the Australian had to surrender his passport and submit to electronic monitoring.  The 27-year-old, who many in the sector deemed a "scammer", was granted bail yesterday, but only under very strict conditions.   His father had to put up his $1.1 million home as surety according to the Australian and agree to drive Tzvetkoff across country from Las Vegas (where he was arrested) to New York City (where the trial is set to take place).

Tzvetkoff is accused of a $US540 million ($A582.78 million) Internet poker and blackjack money laundering scheme.

"Do you understand you could lose your home if your son fails to appear?" Judge Peggy A. Leen asked Kim Tzvetkoff, Daniel's father.

"Yes, your honour," the father replied.

"The defendant is a flight risk," prosecutor Nicholas Dickinson told the judge, noting Tzvetkoff was an Australian citizen with "zero ties" in the US.

Judge Leen ruled against this.

"If he was a US citizen this would be a no-brainer. He would be released," the judge told the court.

Daniel Tzvetkoff's pregnant fiancée has agreed to move to New York City while he awaits trial, according to his lawyer.

Online poker establishments accuse Tzvetkoff of defrauding them out of nearly $US100 million, money they say could still be out there and used for his defense.

Daniel's high profile Boston-based attorney, Robert Goldstein, described his client as a "good young man of good character".

Tzvetkoff will remain in jail until a separate US detention order can be satisfied over the next few days.

Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher


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