Checks From Online Poker Sites Bouncing: What's Going On?

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Jul/26/2008 has been reporting extensively on bouncing checks from various online poker websites.

The culprit appears to be one Zip least that's where the bounced checks are deriving from.

Large volume online poker websites have been forced to utilize the services of sometimes shady processing centers thanks in part to the passage of the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act passed in October 2006, but more so following the arrests of two founders of the online gambling payment solutions bigwigs Neteller back in January of 2005. Following these arrests, Neteller and a handful of other well regarded processors yanked their businesses from the US market.

Some of the online poker rooms that had unknowingly sent out the bounced checks have begun to send out new (and presumably good) checks to affected customers, some are even telling customers they will reimburse for the insufficient funds fees charged by banks, but it remained to be seen if all such establishments would follow the same rule. Still others are adding bonuses to the affected accounts.

One casino customer tied in with a popular poker site had this to say at the forum:

"Well ***** did send me another check by Fed Ex. and they said on the phone it was good because i called and asked them. My bank charged me 32 dollars for each of my bounced checks equaling a total of 7. I called ***** for my 240 dollars they owed me for bounced checks and security said if i send them the paperwork with my banking history proving that indeed i did have 7 bounced checks then they would cover it. well I did as they asked and i got a email from security at ***** and they had credited my casino account with 198.00."

Over $16 million is believed to have been frozen by Zip Payments Solutions. adheres to a strict policy of not naming online betting firms affected by payment processing issues.

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