CardSpike Controversy Has Poker Affiliates up in Arms

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Last week, reported on how a relatively new online poker room - - was stalling payments to its affiliate partners.  Ironically, some of those affiliates have claimed that is run by some of the same individuals behind the Poker Affiliate Program, a sister venture to Casino Affiliate Programs (CAP).

Since publication of our report, the feedback has been extensive

Compatible Poker chimed in:  "PAP has been covering up for Cardspike ever since players and affiliates started complaining about not being paid. The new owners of PAP went on a banning spree (including banning just about every moderator) and locking any thread that pertained to Cardspike. On top of that PAP paid someone off just to keep them quiet for a little bit. Now why would a forum pay out an affiliate for a site they're not involved with? Very simple when you put the pieces together." has learned that is an online poker room based outside of Orlando, Florida. 

"It was launched in July 2008, though the poker room got started in August 2007 and took a year to get going," a source tells  "It made $25,000 rake per day in the 1st month.  They used Affiliate Speed Pay to compensate their affiliate partners."

A broker who helped set up the online poker room is claiming he got screwed out of a deal that would have yielded him 25 percent of the company's overall revenues. 

"That person has since quit," our source relayed to Gambling911.

It was not immediately clear what affiliation, if any, PAP organizers have with the "slow pay" online poker room.

One reader has posted a series of links to various complaints involving

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