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CAP Online Gambling Affiliate Show Seen as Disaster

Feb 1 2009 - 11:54pm is learning Monday that the Casino Affiliate Programs (CAP) event, which took place this past weekend in London, could have provided a fatal blow to what has been among the most prestigious organizations of its kind.

Friday witnessed a series of altercations, one involving CAP co-organizer, Lou Fabiano, whereby he challenged a competitor to fight "outside".  J. Todd, who runs the APWA arm of the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association, has been critical of CAP's affiliation with rogue online poker room CardSpike in recent weeks. 

The more serious of events occurred when the son of GPWA President, Michael Corfman, was assaulted in the lobby by three security guards.  Numerous eyewitness accounts provided to confirmed Corfman's son, Steven, was unnecessarily "kneed" and "shouldered" by the guards for no apparent reason. 

The Affiliate Manager for Intertops reportedly left the event early out of disgust.  But by Sunday a number of these online gambling enterprises expressed a commitment to appear at CAP's Amsterdam event in May (not to be confused with the Casino Affiliate Conference or CAC that takes place in Amsterdam next month). 

Initially banned from attending the CAP event, Korfman and his crew were later provided with passes and allowed to enter without further incident.

J. Todd publicly thanked poker affiliates for their support over the past weekend.

"I just wanted to pop in and say "thank you" for the support and unity you guys have shown on this issue. It's great to see that we, as a community, have said together that we will not tolerate these sorts of "business practices". I hope this is the beginning of a new era for the industry."

The weekend concluded on a high note for a number of online gambling affiliates who reported record numbers of signups for the Super Bowl. had its biggest traffic day since the Kentucky Derby last May, though the final tally would not become official until Monday morning. 

Christopher Costigan, Publisher        


CAP rates are outrageous, the conference speakers usually suck like that idiot Capelli or Fratelli or whatever his name is from some sucky magazine, and overall the event just sucks balls. It's incredible that this outfit has been able to con their way for so long. Alex however is a smart bloke and shouldn't be involved with this bunch. I can't believe a4uexpo is now also getting close to this misfit group. But must give credit to CAP's ability to weasel their way into respectible partnerships - or then those partners just didn't do their homework. The CAP cronies, a group of affiliate managers that don't know shit about what it takes to make money online, stick around like flies to a dog pile. They push the CAP event to their bosses like it makes any difference - and guess what, it doesn't. It just costs a lot of money, which ends up in the pockets of Beavis and Butthead. I expect CAP and CAC both to disappear as companies tighten their budgets for next year. There's just too many of these events and there's no ROI.
Agree that is a load of rubbish and GPWA are using all this to get more publicity - how stupid do they think we are? Corfman Jnr was asking for trouble and they get no bad press for being acking so unprofessionally. It is the choice of CAP to decide who they want to attend their confernces and to be honest I would have banned GPWA also. I mean do they have no pride but to invade a rivals confernce? They would be best sorting there own programme out and giving operators and affiliates the value for money we desire, instead of getting invoved in other peoples business. CAP have obviously acted rather badly and will get what is coming to them.
What a load of absolute hogwash, I was right there in the hotel lobby. Had the little dude been a little more co-operative and less obnoxious, nobody at all would have noticed a thing. I suppose it's easy to give security men a hard time when you're 4 feet nothing, 5 stone piss-wet throuh and look about 9 years old. The security staff handled it as swiftly, discreetly and with as minimal fuss as possible. For the record, Corfman jnr refused to leave when requested, had entered an area where he had already been told he would not be permitted, and was basically attention seeking.
Can you tell us what the security guards had for breakfast that morning too. Thanks.
I was there. Your report is grossly exaggerated.
Lou you roughed up that poor kid. Let it go. Stop coming here and posting that you sprinkled flower petals on that poor child. You are a bully! Go pick on someone your own size, Lou, like a garbage truck!!!
everybody was stranded at the airport I spoke to. I had a fun time overall but f-cking expensive and getting stranded. Not sure if I'll be back in London and that cancun event is at the height of spring break with around a million college kids. Won't be there either. See most of you all in Barcelona next year. Gambling911 rules!!!!!!
As the show was winding down Warren was seen once again in a bar at 4am drinking and yelling at another bar patron. CAP Conference goers had to help diffuse the situation. The real heart of the show was the 26 operators who met in a 'midnight session' to discuss their prices paid at CAP for a sponsorship. Some companies were paying €3000 per quarter and other paid up to €10,000 for the same thing! This has started a fire that is sure to see the CAP brand set ablaze.
i dont think cap will last long. so many negative things happened latley to this unpopular money driven organization like cap. i think alot of people will think twice before they pay lou and the gang. i am personally not going to attend cap in amsterdam. i hope someone will pick up and create a more popular, less money driven and dictatorship organization.
Neither affiliates nor affiliate programs give a rats ass about ethics. Lou has proven for years he is far less than ethical and the programs have done the same by continuing to support his site. Consequently, based on history you can expect that CAP isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
This industry is driven by money. CAP is successful. As long as they continue to make money for operators, affiliates, they'll be fine. I'm not entirely familiar with the whole affiliate sector and business model so perhaps I am underestimating.
Had mad respect for Lou and CAP until a few years ago. You cant treat one bad program one way, when they don't pay, then treat the one you owned another way when they cant pay up. Then treating people children, when they followed all the rules. I never broke a rule over there and found out when I was trying to wish him good luck, I could not post, then read farther they been locking people out at the forum, who voice there opinions where there money was at. Lou can only be mad at him self, Is lou with the mafia, i think so , let me hush
Glad to see you posting here. This banning policy appears more widespread then what was initially published. It's concerning with the whole CardSpike issue looking more and more like an attempted coverup.
Chris when you get a moment can you contact me? I would really like to discuss some of the articles you have published over the last 9 months which are usually in accurate or simply dramatised - I know we used to have a good working relationship but it seems to have drifted apart to a point where you simply post anything you can that is critical of the CAP events ranging from ETA bomb warnings at our events through to the above article which is simply false as the event was very far from a disaster and in fact was the biggest and most attended iGaming affiliate event ever staged. If you email me on I will get the email. I don't mind you writing negative things but am simply asking you as one publisher to another to please report articles accurately - I am availiable at all times when ever you want to clarify a story or get a quote so please don't be a stranger. Look forward to speaking soon
This website is tabloid central, and as an affiliate, I don't get much here other than entertainment value. But if '26 operators' got together, to talk about what they pay to CAP and its value, or lack of, don't you feel that could possibly be perceived as a 'bad thing' for your business? Hotel lobby scuffles aside, one may think that there may have been a mutiny, and you're the last bloke to walk the plank.
Chris is a clown and this is the big top of his circus. Anything for traffic. I rarely visit this site because I know he's not a serious journalist/publisher. He's a National Enquirer Journalist Wannabee. I don't have time to waste reading trash. There's other places to get accurate news. Gambling911 is for entertainment purposes only.
"I would really like to discuss some of the articles you have published over the last 9 months which are usually in accurate or simply dramatized " Yeah, pretty much describes every article posted on this site. Keeps me coming back tho!
I agree. Seriously this site has never been better now that theve gotten away from all that american idot crap
Perhaps it's time for the really big and reputable casino software houses to come together and create a professional aelf-regulatory board? Open and transparent, publishing dates of payments, strict rules and regulations for tracking of sign-ups, deposits and payments. Fines for those that don't comply This is needed now, more than ever, imo...
I have been visiting gambling911 since I started my affiliate sites in 2005 to my knowledge majority of the story I read here are true and at times I see the same story published on Igaming business website / email alerts. Don't knock G911 as its a great site and they are usually first to publish stories / news. By the way I was at CAP London the hotel was awful and I didn't even know they had booths downstairs, to my knowledge it was pretty quite I don't think the affiliate programs actually gets any business by attending cap and being listed on cap. I would like to say that Alex is a cool guy ;) he should not be involved in this CAP Crap.