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Borgata Babes Lawsuit Settlement Reached

Borgata Babes
Jul 31 2008 - 2:36pm

A sexual harassment case lodged against Atlantic City's Borgata Hotel has been settled according to a report in Newsday.

The newspaper reports:

Renee Gaud, 38, a former Mays Landing resident who now lives in Canada, and Trisha Hart, 30, of Wenonah, had claimed the casino humiliated costumed waitresses _ known as "Borgata Babes" _ by imposing weight limits, encouraging breast augmentation surgery and emphasizing looks over job performance.

The women had claimed the weight-limit policy _ which threatened suspensions if female cocktail servers gained more than 7 percent of their body weight _ forced them off the job.

Gaud, who suffers from a thyroid condition she said made her weight fluctuate, gained weight but was refused a larger costume and took a leave of absence because of stress over an impending, casino-mandated weigh-in.

The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa cocktail servers are famous for their cut-down-to-there, pushed-out-to-here, taped-up-from-where costumes. There are more than 160 "Borgata Babes" and over 50 male counterparts.



Seriously though, women/girls see the costumed beverage server jobs as this fun job serving drinks to rich drunk people. More drinks=more money=higher tips. The girls that are hired are beautiful and the costumes they wear accentuate the beauty and sex appeal they have. Obviously this is what we see and what we like to see. This is what borgata wants, they want girls/women who are naturally sexy to promote them, let's be real now, what guy wouldn't want a sexy girl serving him drinks all night while he feels like a king spending all his money at a place that's full of people,life, lights, money, excitement everything. A casino is an adult playground, they want to see adult things which includes half naked girls. If they tell you their weight requirements when they hire you and you accept it, then that's on you. As harsh as it is it's their own requirements take it or leave it. People flock to where they want to be and wish they could live this life and look this good, that's why they hire such people. They told you you can't do this and that for a reason, just because it's about weight and girls it's suddenly a big deal. So what if they only want skinny girls, if you don't think you are skinny enough then don't apply! No one said you had to work there, you have a degree? Awesome, go use it. Sex sells people
i love a little hottie as much as the next guy but i think its totally wrong ...we are raised to treat women with respect not just the skinny ones
These girls need to understand that being "hot" is part of their job. I'm a female and no-one wants to see heavy, unattractive waitresses... You only embarrasss yourself.
right on.
Well, These two mental giants have clearly identified the key points of the debate so I'm left with little else to say.
These women must be kidding. They take a job as a cocktail waitress, because obviously they are not bright enough to be in management, then they are upset that their looks and weight are an issue? Do they think if they were 300 pounds they would be highed? Who wants to look at some fat cow in a tight costume? That would keep me out of the casino for sure. Bottom line is Vegas and Atlantic City are place you go to spend money. Gamblers expect that the atmosphere will include attractive women. If these fat pigs dont want such restrictions, they can always work as cashiers at McDonalds.
I'm a Borgata Babe and although I abide the terms in our contract, I think your statement "Who wants to look at some fat cow in a tight costume? That would keep me out of the casino for sure," is ridiculous. Take a look around you. There's fat cows in tight costumes/clothing wherever you go. Your statement can apply to anyone including the girls that work at the local mall. Example: Why should I have to look at fat girls in tight clothes when I'm spending money in your clothing store (not just pissing it away in a casino like some degenerate, like yourself.) ---Think about what you say before you make asisine statements.The terms of our contract state we're to gain no more than 7% of the weight we're hired at. This is fine except Day 1 employees weren't hired and weighed on the first day they began work. They were weighed in more than 1 YEAR after they BEGAN. Why is this significant? Well, because I know 3 girls who were hired on Day 1 (when the casino opened) and got pregnant within that FIRST YEAR. They were NOT hired pregnant. Those girls got weighed in RIGHT AFTER they came back from maternity leave. Why is this a problem? Because now they have JOB SECURITY because they were weighed in at the heaviest they'll ever be in their life (most likely). When you come back to work 30 pounds heavier than your normal weight and your weight is recorded, you NOW have NOTHING to worry about. This is ESPECIALLY unfair to anyone hired after the initial Borgata weigh-in because they're weighed right on the spot when they're hired. ---And for your information, MANY of these "FAT PIGS" you're referring to have a college degrees (myself), some have masters degrees, and few are also CURRENT military (one served approx 2 years in Operation Iraqi Freedom) and former MILITARY. We chose this line of work because we only have to work 35 hours a week (sometimes less) and make a decent living. Most of our management doesn't have anything higher than a high school diploma. Yes, this job has a "shelf life" but the terms of our contract weren't properly carried out in a fair manner, otherwise the lawyers would be telling these women YOU HAVE NO CASE.
Right on! I completely agree. I hate the fact that people ASSUME servers are not very bright. I worked in a bar/restaurant for 5 years after college just to help pay off my student loans and afford a comfortable life style. Degree or no degree, working in the service industry is a job that requires hard work. I'm sure if this insulting sorry exuse for a human being ever had a clue of what its like to work at a restaurant, he/she would have bit thier tongue before inleashing horrible statements such as fat cow and degrading servers by calling them stupid. I'm sure this person is the type who orders a round of waters for the table, bitches about the food, waves you down at her every need and then leaves a ten percent tip. Go Borgata Babes!! :)
YOU have got to be kidding. First of all, "not bright enough to be in management"..? As a cocktail waitress myself, I feel compelled to tell you that most waitresses make alot more then management. Unless of course you are like, Vice President or something obvious. Alot of cocktail waitress have Nursing degrees, Accounting, even Law! Which isnt bad to "fall back on" once they've had enough of the casino life. And we are not talking about 300 lb girls here, we are talking about 120lb girls that would be fired if they gained 8-9 extra pounds. Senario #2... if you were a waitress at Borgata wearing a size 0 uniform, and you gained a few pounds and requested a size 1... you could be disiplined. Theres are not fat pigs as they OBVIOUSLY got hired in the first place... These requirements were set after employement and the one woman was diganosed with anorexia nervosa because of it. You htink all because some jerk like you "goes to Atlantic City to spend money", some waitress deseves to be stressing about 7-8 lbs to the point were shes starving herself, for fear she might lose her job???? You my friend, are a very sad person if this is how you think.