Australian Sports Betting Scandals Continue With AFL

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Greg Tingle
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The integrity on a number of Australian sports remain in question following a shocking week plus of Aussies getting mainly the wrong sort of media and public attention.

Let's see...it started last week with the NRL's Melbourne Storm with the sports betting trigger, then the "famous Australian" cricket matter (with bomb on the side in India), then the snooker world championships with the John Higgins match fixing allegations...(eventually the championship being won by Aussie Neil Robertson), and now the AFL (Australian Football League aka Aussie Rules) are in the firing line.

Media Man and Gambling911 learn that AFL officials have been given gambling sanctions, in a move to try to save the sport from further damage, at a time when Aussie sport is reeling.

South Australia's Port Adelaide assistant coach Matthew Primus is one of would you believe 6 AFL entities to be punished for betting on AFL games.

Mr Primus has been "suspended" for two weeks at this state and will not be entitled to attend or have any coaching role at his club in the duration.

An investigation discovered Primus had placed a $20 muli-leg wager which included a preseason semi-final between Geelong and Carlton.

The bet traced back to his laptop computer as the AFL entered into information sharing agreements more than 12 months back with all major Australian bookies.

An AFL statement advised his former excellent standing in the game was taken into account.

Adding to the mix of those AFL folks grabbing negative headlines, a goal umpire and two interchange stewards have also been suspended for the rest of the season for what we understand are unrelated gambling incidents.

A timekeeper has been stood down for five weeks for a $5 wager.

The Western Bulldogs were fined $7,500 after club director Geoff Walsh confessed to placing bets.

AFL football operations manager Adrian Anderson advised the Doggies were fined for not fully briefing Walsh on the league's rules regarding betting!

The AFL confirmed goal umpire Chris Appleton had been stood down for the remainder of the year for placing for different bets worth $60 on the 2009 grand final.

Appleton did not officiate in the match.

Anderson said Appleton's four bets were placed at a hotel on behalf of a friend.

"All AFL players, coaches, umpires and officials should be in no doubt that betting on the AFL is prohibited," he said.

"As I first stated in March 2007, all players, coaches, umpires and officials are on notice that suspensions are applicable for a breach of the AFL gambling regulations."

So punters er readers, there you have it. Purists against sports betting continue to have a field day with these latest revelations.

On the global corporate front, smart operators like PartyGaming (PartyCasino, PartyPoker, World Poker Tour, PartyBets etc), Virgin Games - Virgin Casino - AWOMO and Betfair, are expanding their product suit and strategically aligning themselves with very solid partners to help weather the financial storm and any other big issues that may arise. Party's World Poker Tour purchase last year and their deal with France horse racing firm PMU are seen as some of the best strategic moves an online betting firm has made in recent times. Last month Australian racing identity Alan Jones called for "unity" in Australian racing, knowing that big challenges were laid ahead on both a national and international scale. Jones has also coached Australian football teams and is regarded as a person very much in the know regarding what's good and bad about Australian sports. Jones' sports and media connections are world class, so if anyone knew about "Big trouble in little Australia"...re sports betting, Jones and some of the "pick and stick club" would.

If you enjoy sports betting we think now is as good as time as ever to have another punt. At this rate we think some sports banning sports betting all together may be a genuine possibility. Media Man's of the belief that maybe sports betting's loss many become online poker's and online casino games gain! Know the odds, keep it legal and have fun.

*Greg Tingle is a special contributor for Gambling911

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