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Readers er punters, the gaming, casino, political and internet world continue to come together as one in a roundabout way. What kind of betting is starting to take off in a big way down under in Australia? Political betting, and that's with or without Paul The Psychic Octopus throwing in his 2 cents worth. Casino billionaires, politicians, media barons, journalists, insiders and everyone else... watch this space. Media Man and Gambling911 ambush the political ballot boxes (figure of speech) with this special report...

Punters, mark it down and get ready to put money down if you're that way inclined...28th August is widely regarded to be the Australian federal election date.

Centrebet head analyst Neil Evans said August 28 was now well in front of 21st August and the odds for 4th September had also picked up.

"I have been told by a Labor source that August 28 is the target date, with September 4 now being ear-marked as the back-up date," Mr Evans advised.

August 28 has now firmed from $1.85 to $1.70, while September 4 is $4.25 from $6.

Evans said a prominent Australian lawyer had waged $60,000 for Labor to win at $1.22.

The coalition are currently on $4.10 to win the next election.

Greens Head Bob Brown Tip August 21 or 28 Election...

I think either this week or next week she's likely to go to the Governor-General's office asking for an election," talking to Network Nine this past Sunday.

"The Labor strategists who changed the prime minister so readily over the mining tax will now be looking at the best time for the government to go to an election. I raised a glass to that myself, it's an historic breakthrough. However I think a lot of Green votes went across and parked with Julia and Labor voters came and parked with us."

Voters did not like the perceived (or real) mess "Jungle Girl" (Media Man tag) Gillard had made of the asylum seeker policy or her discrimination against same-sex couples in marriage laws, Senator Brown said.

The major parties did not realise the importance of climate change and setting a carbon price to voters, he said.

"The big parties are out of kilter with the majority feeling in this country. They need to change and get a carbon price."

The prime minister could not avoid setting a carbon price and if she did it would disadvantage the opposition, Senator Brown said.

"Tony Abbott will be seen as last century, totally out of touch on this issue," he said.

In the meantime Media Man has issued a public challenge to Tony "The Bruiser" Abbott to set in and show his "clout and punching power" re the banning of an upcoming boxing match in Sydney...

Aussie Boxing Match Banned Background And Update...

Australian boxing champ Danny "The Green Machine" Green is promising legal action after the NSW Combat Sports Authority delivered a last-minute bombshell forbidding Green's July 21 bout with veteran fighter Paul Briggs to be held in NSW.

Green's legal eagles are considering their options while organisers and promoters work around the clock to ensure the IBO cruiserweight title fight will go ahead at Perth's Challenge Stadium.

The NSW Combat Sports Authority has been bashed by both boxers after the board deemed Briggs was unfit to fight despite the 34-year-old twice being cleared by neurosurgeon Ahmed Mohammad and other top medical experts.

With the fight less than two weeks away, the NSW Combat Sports Authority canned the fight after a board meeting on Tuesday without giving either camp any prior notice that the fight, originally scheduled for the iconic Sydney Entertainment Centre, was in jeopardy.

Green is calling for NSW Premier Kristina Keneally to launch an enquiry into the NSW government board's mismanagement of the situation, stating his opponent is "100 per cent fit to fight". Media Man reckons Tony Abbott, leader of the opposition (Liberal) should throw some jabs at the situation, giving "The Bruisers" boxing and all round sporting background and passion.

"I'm outraged," the 37-year-old world champion said. How this little insignificant organisation can think they know more than neurosurgeons and top medical experts shows just how inexperienced they are. Briggs said he was "so angry" at the shock decision and declared himself in some of the best shape of his career. "I've been training the house down, I don't know what they are thinking" Briggs said. The only good news for NSW boxing fans is that Green has not ruled out boxing in Sydney again and tickets to the Sydney fight will be fully refunded.

Brigg's 3-year absence from the ring was the reason the NSW Combat Sports Authority declared the fight was "unsafe" to go ahead.

Media Man has heard around the traps that this could be the start of a massive crackdown on boxing and other colourful entertainment events like UFC and burlesque. A Media Man insider was heard over saying "No wonder the WWE decided to go to PG13. It's a political strategy to help give them less headaches. The last thing the WWE wants is another scandal. UFC hasn't been able to get regulated in New York yet either, nor has the poker bill being passed in California, so the political machines are at work, its obvious".

Stay tuned for more updates.

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Wrap Up...

Gillard or Abbott?  Green VS Briggs? Pick em time. Tells us in the forum. Should Abbott being a former boxing champ step in about the match being banned in Sydney? No swearing, even though we know all the old cliche... "How do you know when a politician is lying? When their lips are moving! No offence Julia and Tony... we didn't make the joke up, we're just repeating it for the loyal international audience, probably more familiar with "I did not have sexual relations with that women" and 'Casino Jack'.

*The writer is a special contributor for Gambling911

*Media Man http://www.mediamanint.com is primarily a media, publicity and internet portal development company. Gaming is just one of a bakers dozen of sectors they cover. They also offer political commentary and analysis        

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