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Australia is the source of some of the world's most interesting and diverse gambling and casino news this week. It's also the week that the federal election was called, and yes, punters are betting on that also... Media Man and Gambling911 report from down under... Kangaroos, Koala's, Tasmanian Devils and more of natures wonders...

James Packer Aussie Casino King "Builds" Tasmanian Devil Ark...

Casino, tourism and lifestyle king James Packer has donated land to establish a breeding facility to help save the Tasmanian devil in the New South Wales Hunter Valley. Packer has quite the thing for nature, having spent time on cattle ranches in his youth, which was an initiative of his late father, Kerry. The press in the day labelled Kerry with a nickname of an Australian marsupial which we won't repeat here this time. Hints are found in The National Times section of The Sydney Morning Herald (which carries quite a few gambling adverts and promos). Back to the devil's... The  population in Tasmania has been attacked by a cancerous facial tumour disease and researchers are trying to find a cure. Mr Packer has kindly donated land at the Barrington Tops to build the 'Devil Ark' facility, which would be an important part of a mainland breeding program aimed at ensuring healthy devils can be re-introduced into Tasmania in the future. Devil Ark founder John Weigal says the project is shaping as the devil's best hope of long-term survival. "I'm convinced still that the Tasmanian devil needs to be preserved in captivity if it's going to survive in the long term. The geneticists involved in the overarching program have recommended a minimum of 1,500 devils if we're going to keep the genetic diversity over a 30-year period. So you do the math and you come up with Devil Ark. There is no other solution. Noah and his ark would be proud of Packer's effect. BTW, Noah's Ark just happens to be the title of a new slot games by Virgin Games. Virgin was founded by Packer mate, Richard Branson, and they been spotted together in Australia... just staying. Packer, how about a 'Packer Tassie Devil' slot for the Crown Casino chain to help raise funds and awareness? Nature and animal theme slot games are popular in Australia and include Penguin Pays, Outback Jack, Black Rhino and Goanna Gold.

Betfair To Float On Australian Stock Exchange This Year...

Packer 50% owned Betfair intends to get listed on the ASX before year end. Some background on the team...Ed Wray is a former investment banker, and Andrew Black is a professional gambler and former derivatives expert. They own about 25% of Betfair. Wray and Black co-founded Betfair as a internet start-up in August 1999. Frustrated at the profits being made by traditional bookmakers that they decided to set up on their own. Their baby takes a commission of between 2 and 5% on all winning bets. Customers have to register, set up an account and deposit funds before they can begin to join in the fun. 

Betfair Stats And Info...

Annual revenues of more than ₤300m ($528m) and in excess of 3 million punting customers.

2300 plus staff, with bases in Malta and Tasmania and satellite offices in Spain, Italy, Romania and Germany.

Profits for the year to April 2009: ₤70m plus.

Betfair is close to finalising a listing deal for circa September according to industry sources. The flotation would give paydays to folks who backed Betfair at its inception. The company value is being pitched at ₤1.5 billion. Japanese bank Softbank, owns approx 23% of Betfair. Floating would facilitate shares to be used as acquisition currency so that it could pro actively participate in the consolidation of the online gaming market. More news as it comes to hand.

Aussie War Hero Gets Rolled For Pokie Winnings...

An Aussie mongrel dog has pleaded guilty after knocking over a 96-year-old World War II veteran's motorised scooter and stealing his pokies winnings. Hero Reg Dickinson was trapped under his motor scooter after he was bashed by Aaron "The Mugger" McKellar on 21st, a Melbourne Court has heard. Mugger McKellar, a 29 year old disrespectful punk, nabbed a measly $20 AUD from our vet friend who was scootering home from a till then successful pokie outing at Werribee Plaza Tavern. McKellar also pleaded guilty to nicking two Guide Gog collection tins in a separate matter and has a prior conviction for stealing from a church. Media Man sniffer dogs and blood hounds Bluey and Timmy are not impressed with Muggers' low acts towards man and man's best friend....dogs aka K-9s. The mug had been handed a suspended prison sentence only 6 freaking days before robbing the war hero. McKellar's legal eagle Mr Michael Brugman said his client was now "ashamed" and "sorry" for robbing Mr Dickinson. Mugger, get some serious help before you find yourself a lifer (jail for life). You're almost 30 years of age son. Grow up and stop stealing from the needy. Get a friggen job or something and stay away from pokies, war heroes and charity tins. We can all stuff up, but your off the scale mate. Mugger McKellar pleaded guilty to charges of robbery and theft, but God knows what else this kid has done that he hasn't been busted for. Crims usually have quite trail of bad deeds before being caught. Magistrate Donna Bakos said she needed some time to consider the charges and remanded McKellar in custody to be sentenced on 9th August. Media Man and Gambling911 will delight in keeping you, the loyal reader informed of this mongrel dog situation, as we continue to bring you uncensored news to the comfort of your own home. Oh, veterans and war buffs... since we're talking the World War tie in, you might like to check these out... Rambo slot, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare slot, Bomber Girls slot, Battleship, Top Gun and Mission: Impossible. Yep, great games from comfort of your own 4 walls and you can play for free or play for money. Good eh maties.

Australian Election: 21st August - Gillard VS Abbott: Centrebet News And Odds...

Centrebet's Neil Evans tipped us off that a prominent Australian lawyer had waged $60,000 for Labor to win at $1.22. Centrebet has the ALP at $A1.22 favourite to win, the Age reports, compared to $A4.10 on offer for Tony Abbott's opposition. A new Centrebet client in the past 48 hours put $20,000 on the Coalition at $4.10, although so much money has flowed for Labor since Ms Gillard's ascension that it did not bring in the ALP's starting price. The single largest punt of $100,000 was made on Ms Gillard by a Perth punter last week. Vote early and vote often... just kidding.

Media Man Founder Seeking Business And Pleasure; Moving Forward (World Exclusive)...

Media, journalism and internet entrepreneur, Greg Tingle, has decided to use the internet (this regular column in fact) to let ladies of the world know he's now single (and looking). "Moving forward" as Australian prime minister Julia Gillard said famously.

In his own words...39, good looking, smart, funny, sexy, ambitious media, journo and entertainment entrepreneur. Happily single and now looking for the right woman to mix business and pleasure, not necessarily in that order. Lady to be late 20's to 45 range. Dating and getting to know you better mainly in and around Bondi Beach. So, eligible ladies, here's your chance to meet the Media Man himself. Write to Greg with your intro and profile (300 words or less) and include phone number and photo via greg@mediamanint.com cc to greg.tingle@gmail.com

We told you it was a diverse range of news this week. Aren't you glad you read it all.

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