4 Ways Price Per Head Agents Can Double Their Bookie Revenue

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It might cost you less to keep an existing customer than it does to gain a new one, but let's face it, without new players for your online bookie business you're never going to grow.


There are many areas to focus on when trying to increase the revenue from your online bookie business, but let's talk about the top 4 methods to double your money by acquiring new players.


1. Start Sharing Your Expertise


Content is king in the world of digital marketing, and developing a blog for bettors will increase your online presence. Not to mention you can create content yourself, so although it does take some time out of your schedule, it's free!


Once you have your blog up and running, it can be a lead generator by posting on popular betting topics like parlays, or you can do some content-adjacent advertising for eBooks such as the “How You Can Make Money as a Bookie” eBook.


You can even partner with other blogs and provide them with your content to gain more exposure and send more traffic your way!


2. Use Modern Tools


Make sure you're operating your bookie business in the 21st century by utilizing all of the digital tools at your fingertips.


Aside from some of the obvious new resources, like utilizing Facebook and Twitter to reach a wider audience of sports fans, there are also content curation platforms springing up all the time.


Storify is one social media which allows you to pull tweets, articles, and images from all around the web to make into stories which can be shared on the site itself or used as content on your own blog to get more eyes looking your way.


There are also multiple bookie-based apps - some of them free- which you can explore and begin leveraging in your promotional efforts.


Speaking of Promotions...


3. Create Packaged Promotions


With so much competition out there, you want to make yourself as appealing as possible to potential players.


Offering them something more than just sharp lines and great customer service is a must, but what else do you have to give?


Your package could include...


  • A set number of free bets or a retainer of a certain number per month
  • Free credits after they surpass a certain number of bets placed
  • Game-specific offers for the upcoming NFL season
  • Player tools provided to you by your per head platform (experienced platforms like PayPerHead.com will have lots of payment options, Betradar, mobile access, and even give your players a website to find you easily)


4. Leverage Existing Relationships


More than 60% of online conversions are triggered by referrals.


If you don't already have a referral campaign in place, you need one. No one can tell potential players what a reliable bookie you are better than the ones you're already working with!


When you do launch your referral campaign, you can promote it through:


- Your existing email list

- Display advertising through PPC

- Your social media channels

- A timely referral contest

- Your new blog!

- In your email signature

- On your own website


There is no single golden rule for doubling your bookie business revenue aside from always be promoting.


Staying up-to-date on industry trends and experimenting with new tools is how you will truly break through the noise and give your players something different than the usual offers they've all seen before. 

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