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Vegas Sportsbooks Were Hoping For Colts-Falcons Super Bowl

Submitted by C Costigan on, Jan/08/2011

Australian Kids Copy Parents Gambling Habits

Submitted by Greg Tingle on, Jan/08/2011

Iowa The Latest State Looking To Legalize Online Gambling

Following in the footsteps of New Jersey and California, Iowa is the latest state considering legalizing online gambling.

Submitted by C Costigan on, Jan/08/2011

Oregon Man Bets Marriage on BCS Championship Game

With the Ducks a +2.5 underdog in the upcoming BCS Championship game against Auburn, one Oregon man is willing to bet his marriage on the game.

Submitted by Jagajeet Chiba on, Jan/07/2011

Casino Stocks Attracting Attention in the New Year

Submitted by Guest on, Jan/07/2011

Casino chips ideal currency for criminals: RCMP

Submitted by Guest on, Jan/06/2011

Foxwoods Scam Cheats Casino Out of Nearly $900K

Four men have been accused of cheating Connecticut’s Foxwoods Casino out of nearly $1 million.

Submitted by Guest on, Jan/06/2011

Can They BEAR It? No More Gambling For Grizzlies

Submitted by Ean Lamb on, Jan/05/2011

Priceline Founder Sues Zynga Over Patent Infringement

Submitted by Aaron Goldstein on, Jan/05/2011

UPI: Online Gambling Not A Good Bet

WASHINGTON, Jan. 4 (UPI) -- Expanding legal Internet gambling in the United States is a long shot now that Congress is more heavily Republican, gaming industry experts say.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid fell short last month in his effort to allow U.S. casino companies set up Internet poker sites and access a portion of the multibillion dollar offshore industry. The chances of success are diminished now that Republicans control the House and have more members in the Senate.

Submitted by Guest on, Jan/04/2011

Costigan Commission Going After Kerry Packer

Submitted by Greg Tingle on, Jan/04/2011

Macau Gambling Revenue Surges to $23B in 2010

HONG KONG — (Associated Press) - Macau's government says casino gambling revenue surged by more than half in 2010, solidifying its rank as the world's biggest gambling market.

Data posted on a government website Monday showed that casino revenue totaled 188.34 billion patacas ($23.52 billion) last year. That's 57.8 percent higher than the 119.37 billion patacas reported in 2009.

Submitted by Guest on, Jan/03/2011

Casino Sued Over Roethlisberger Incident

LAS VEGAS, (UPI) -- Caesars Entertainment Corp. says it will fight a Nevada lawsuit filed by the former casino host claiming sexual assault by NFL quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

Andrea McNulty, whose lawsuit against Roethlisberger is pending in state court for Washoe County in Reno, also sued Caesars, then known as Harrah's Entertainment Inc., in state court in Reno in July of this year, the Las Vegas Sun reported.

The suit against Caesars claims wrongful termination, intentional infliction of emotional distress, invasion of privacy and defamation.

Submitted by Guest on, Jan/03/2011

Somach: Shrink’s Suicide Top Online Gambling Story of 2010

So what was the biggest story in online gambling in 2010?

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Jan/03/2011

Bellagio Nixes $25,000 Chip Following Brazen Robbery

Submitted by Guest on, Jan/03/2011

Slow Paying WSEX Gets More Exposure On CNBC

Submitted by Aaron Goldstein on, Jan/02/2011

Big Changes In Store For Atlantic City in 2011

Submitted by Guest on, Jan/02/2011

Australian Government VS Clubs NSW: Pokie War

Submitted by Greg Tingle on, Jan/01/2011

Tingle: Australian Underbelly History and the Anti Pokie Song

Submitted by Greg Tingle on, Dec/31/2010

Phil Hellmuth, Annie Duke Leave

Submitted by Ace King on, Dec/31/2010

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Give Your Sportsbook a Big Casino Boost With Price Per Head

Give Your Sportsbook a Big Casino Boost With Price Per Head

With sports betting on pause for a few weeks or even months, depending on how well things evolve in this coronavirus crisis, sportsbooks from all over the world have turned their focus and efforts to the next obvious product in stock, the casino.

Time to Get to Know and Bet on Esports

Time to Get to Know and Bet on Esports

To many, Esports might sound like something new that sportsbooks are offering now that all the major sports leagues have been suspended, due to the Covid-19 crisis that’s affecting the whole planet. However, electronic sports are not new at all, bookies have been offering these markets for years now, and audiences for these games are counted by millions.

Crackdown on Noncompliants Online Gambling Affiliates

Crackdown on Noncompliant Online Gambling Affiliates, Betway Boots UK Affiliates

Marketing compliance expert Rightlander released a new ‘Fast Track’ incentive monitoring study following the Spanish government's order to restrict the promotion of games of chance and online gaming on all advertisement chains.  The country took this action as all of its citizens are required to remain indoors during the current coronavirus pandemic.