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Cyprus Government Moves to End Online Gambling

THE government yesterday approved a bill designed to put an end to online casino gambling that has flourished on the island in recent months with millions in turnover.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie: Legalized Sports Betting No Priority?

Sports Betting
Some of us from couldn’t help but question the irony of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s refusal to join a lawsuit filed on behalf of the Interactive Media Entertainment & Gaming Association which would essentially make sports betting legal in the state.  Christie’s objection: Overturning an 18 year ban on wagering in New Jersey is not a top priority.

Europe, U.S. All Mull Over Legalized Online Gambling: Markup Delayed

In the U.S. today (July 27), a markup of an online gambling legalization bill authored by Representative Barney Frank (D-Mass) was to be voted on during a hearing in Washington, D.C.  

European Punters Swindled by State Run Gambling Monopolies During World Cup

Right2bet, a pan-European consumer campaign, fighting for all EU citizens to have the right to  bet with the licensed EU operator of their choice, has determined that European punters were getting 32 percent worse odds from state-run gambling monopolies than those offered by private betting companies.

Pennsylvania Gambling Beats Out Las Vegas, Atlantic City

Pennsylvania Gambling
No wonder Atlantic City is suffering, Pennsylvania is making quite an impact on the gambling scene, at least if collected taxes act as an indicator.

Abandoned Betting Accounts Could Go To Sports Clubs

The United Kingdom is reviewing whether monies contained in abandoned betting accounts should go towards sports clubs in the country.  The funds would go towards improving facilities and clubs according to initial reports.

New York Times: States Addicted to Gambling

The New York Times featuring a report Monday regarding individual states desire to boost their economies through gambling, New Jersey included. 

Australian Gambling News July 25, 2010

Readers er punters, the Australian connection between casinos, gaming and politics had never been so hot. Aussie politicians and campaigners continue to battle for your mind (and vote), headlines and the whole box and dice. Media Man and Gambling911 deliver the uncensored news (full strength caffeine in Google speak) you need to know, not always what you want to hear. Here's your weekend fix my friends...

Australian Gambling and Sports Betting News (July 24, 2010)

Readers er punters, a good spread of Aussie gaming, gambling and sporting news fodder this edition. The ongoing debate about the potential dangers of punting continues, we've got an update on the NRL, a boxing scandal, the horses industry revamps, crime links to pub pokies and more. Media Man and Gambling911 once again take you on a voyage of discovery down under...

Pennsylvania Gets Casino Games: Atlantic City's Death Knell?

Pennsylvania Casino Games
Legal poker was played for the first time in the State of Pennsylvania this week as table games came to the state's casinos.

Gambling Industry Welcomes Atlantic City Plan But Others Skeptical

Gov. Chris Christie's plan for state oversight of the casino district should boost the gaming industry, but it could take much longer to reverse Atlantic City's national reputation as a dirty and crime-plagued gambling haven, observers say.

Federal Agents Order Shutdown of Blogs

Blog Sites Shut Down
Some 73,000 blogs were shut down this past week, reportedly based on an order by US federal agents.

Annie Duke, Spencer Bachus Go To War Over Online Poker Scandal

Online Poker
Rep. Spencer Bachus (R-AL) took advantage of a hearing on legalizing online poker to not only compare poker players to heroin addicts but also attack poker pro and Celebrity Apprentice Season 2 runner up Annie Duke regarding her affiliation to the popular online poker room

Sports Betting Scam Bilked Investors Out of $1 Million

The U.S. Attorney's Office in Nevada has charged Yul Na with 30 counts of wire fraud, 29 counts of money laundering and criminal forfeiture related to a sports betting scam that bilked investors out of nearly $1 million.  Na has been charged with money laundering and fraud charges and will have to pay a $250,000 fine on each count as well as the forfeiture of money or property up to $962,350.

Hearing on Internet Gambling: Gamblers Compared to Heroin Addicts

Online Gambling
Somewhere, somehow, during a Washington hearing related to the legalization of online gambling, most of the usual suspects were present including the industry’s main opponent Alabama Republican Spencer Bacchus, who might as well just come out and compare all gamblers with heroin addicts (he pretty much did).

NJ Senators Discuss Gambling, Hanson Commission Report

New Jersey Gambling
Assembly Regulatory Oversight and Gaming Chairman John Burzichelli (D-Gloucester / Cumberland / Salem) released the following statement on Wednesday related to gambling in New Jersey

Online Gambling: British Columbia Website Compromised User Information

B.C. Lottery Corp.
Last night, brought you the shock story regarding how the British Columbia B.C. Lottery Corp. reportedly has ties to organized crime.

Organized Crime Fears Cloud British Columbia Online Gambling Plans

British Columbia Solicitor General Mike de Jong expressed concern over the province grandiose plans to introduce online gambling to Canadians.  De Jong specifically cited revelations that the B.C. Lotteries Corp., which will oversee the online gambling website, has been fined $670,000 by the federal agency that tracks money laundering and terrorist financing.

Australian Casino Wars: Burswood Casino Takes Aim

Burswood Casino
The world famous Australian casino wars have evolved with James Packer's Crown Limited (Crown Casino and Burswood Entertainment Complex) and Star City (Tabcorp) remaining the main players on the giant casino chess board down under.

Russian Bookmaker Offers 100,000 Euros for Paul The Octopus

Paul The Octopus
A prognosticating octopus correctly picked all the winners of specified World Cup games including Serbia’s shock win over favored Germany and Spain’s World Cup final win.

Australia and New Zealand Casino and Gambling News

Readers er punters, casino billionaires, whales, journalists and everyone else... the last Australian and New Zealand report was so popular we're following it up pronto, without further delay. So, whether you take a liking to Kangaroos, Koalas, Octopus, Sheep or Tasmanian Devils, we've got something to whet you're appetite. Media Man and Gambling911 set the menu and fire up the barbecue for your culinary delight...

Internet Gambling Regulation Bill Hearing Scheduled for Wednesday

Barney Frank
The House Financial Services Committee chaired by Barney Frank (D-Mass) has confirmed that HR2267, the Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection, and Enforcement Act, will again be debated on July 21st.

Asia World Cup Gambling Crackdown Continues

The crackdown in China, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand arrested on more than 5000 people in Asia as a world cup operation against illegal gambling, where it seized more than $10 million.

Sheikh Deal With Gambling Firm Could Be Seen As Defying Islam

Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasser Al-Thani Malaga
New Malaga FC owner Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasser Al-Thani of Qatar may decide to keep the United Kingdom’s number two biggest bookmaker and gambling house on as a team sponsor after all, though the odds of this happening are seen as rather slim.

Out to Lunch: Vacations As Customers Get Screwed

Troubled online gambling website World Sports Exchange ( has apparently gone on sabbatical, at least for now.
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