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Gambling on Conspiracy or Not Down Under

Readers, make no mistake, we live in volatile times.

Today’s Sports Betting Hearing in Atlantic City

Joe Brennan, Jr., Chairperson of (The Interactive Media Entertainment & Gaming Association, issued a statement at a public hearing on sports betting in Atlantic City on Monday April 5, 2010. New Jersey, as many readers are aware, is attempting to legalize sports wagering on the Internet in an effort to boost the state ecomony.

iGaming Super Show Network Parties, Dining and Prague

As many of you are already aware, iGaming Super Show attendees will be blessed with my presence at this year’s show. My lovely and loyal wife Sadhvi will be meeting with a select few of you, attending only the most important networking parties while in Prague May 25 through 28.

Financial Times: Full Tilt Poker Pros Under Investigation

Full Tilt Poker Investigation
The Financial Times of London is reporting that a grand jury in Manhattan is investigating the world’s second largest online poker room and “could bring indictments against some of the world's best known professional players”.

Joe Jennings Bookmakers Bans Punter for £1000 Win

A British punter (gambler) is claiming he was tossed from Essex bookmaker Joe Jennings after winning a measly £1000.

World Series of Poker Being Sued by Everest Poker

Everest Poker, an online poker venture, is suing to get out of a $22.5 million sponsorship deal with the World Series of Poker (WSOP).

Online Gambling: Australia and Protectionism

Australia's gambling, gaming and igaming sector shows little sign of slowing down, in fact it looks like full speed ahead with James Packer's Crown Casino continuing to lead the charge.

Sports betting as Big Business

A landscaping crew was out repairing Joseph V. Mastronardo Jr.'s Montgomery County lawn Friday, two days after law enforcement people had ripped it up with shovels and backhoes.

Easter Sunday: Pope’s Urbi et Orbi Odds Offered

Pope’s Urbi et Orbi Odds
For a number of years now, online gambling establishments have offered odds on the length of the US President's State of the Union address and, in some cases, how many standing ovations he will receive.

Fast Food as Addictive as Cocaine and Gambling

Fast Food
Put down that Quarter Pounder. The fast food consumer is now being compared to drug addicts and compulsive gamblers.

Australia Lotto Goose Doesn’t Lay Golden Gambling Egg

Red tape can be a pain in the tail for web publishers, casino entrepreneurs and the like, and man down under Greg Tingle at Media Man invest egg ates for Gambling911 ... real news, spin or April Fools... you be the judge

Casino Rip Fun And Games License Suspended

Ah, the fun and games continue in the igaming, gaming and affiliate sector. Not the sort of news we like to report on, as we prefer positive news stories when possible, but of late some questionable operators in and around the igaming and affiliate sector are making it too easy for us hard nosed journalists and media analysts.

Multi-State Raid Leads to Arrest of Alleged Gambling Kingpins

A leopard doesn’t change its spots, the saying goes. The same could be said of the Mastronardo brothers if what authorities say is true.

Officials Backhoe Lawn of Gambler Looking for Money

Sports-betting impresario Joseph Mastronardo got some unwelcome lawn work at his $1.1 million Meadowbrook home Wednesday as local authorities and the FBI executed a series of search warrants tied to what appeared to be a major bookmaking investigation.

Frank Sinatra Former Casino Latest Vegas Fatality

The roulette wheel has stopped spinning and there is no more blackjack at Frank Sinatra's former casino.

William Hill Looks to Boost Market Share: Don’t Hold Your Breath

The UK’s second largest bookmaker, William Hill, is looking to increase its marketing share by hiring a new advertising agency, The Bank

Calvin Ayre Brood: The Lewd and The Reckless

Calvin Ayre
Photos of founder, Calvin Ayre, engaging in oral sex with various women were disseminated across the Net by his own nephew. The online gambling site founder revealed that a spat with the young heathen resulted in said photos appearing on his nephew’s blog.

Public Hearing on N.J. Sports Betting Set for Atlantic City

The state Senate Economic Growth Committee will hold a public hearing at the Atlantic City Convention Center on Monday on legislation that calls for legalized sports betting in New Jersey.

Calvin Ayre: That Schlong is Wrong Says CR Woman

Photos appearing on the World Wide Web purportedly of founder and Forbes 2006 Billionaire cover boy Calvin Ayre have all but been debunked as fakes.

Ladbrokes Online Casino Affiliate Program to Withhold Funds

Casino Affiliate Programs April Fools WTF Awards: Ladbrokes "Income Access"

Calvin Ayre BJ Shots Likely Elaborate Hoax

Calvin Ayre Blowjob
A website featuring purported photos of Bodog founder Calvin Ayre engaged in oral sex are likely photoshoped, at least one of the three that have surfaced.

Tiger Woods Scandal: Bookies Capitalize on This Year’s Masters

Tiger Woods Scandal
Online bookmakers plan to offer a wide variety of Tiger Woods Masters betting opportunities, some of which have little to do with golf….thanks to that little scandal.

DOJ Begins Civil Forfeiture for Online Poker Funds Seized

Online Poker
The DOJ has started a civil forfeiture action for the funds they seized through Baltimore. It names Bodog, PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker among other online poker rooms and Internet gambling establishments, as businesses having conducted money transactions with targeted payment processors.

Macau Murder for Hire Tie-ing Las Vegas Sands

Las Vegas Sands Macau
Reuters was revealed on Wednesday (local time) the ties to casino gambling in Macau and the underworld of organized crime which threatens to place the Las Vegas Sands in jeopardy. Won’t Pay Out on Future Bets
Panama City-based is embroiled in a dispute with a player regarding a March Madness future bet. Few are taking the side of as the complainant posted his gripe on the SBR Forum website.
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