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Gambler Out €500,000 With Spain Win

Perhaps the biggest bet placed on the semi-final game between Germany and Spain had €500,000 riding on Germany to win.

Spy Games: Anna Chapman Sex Photos Released by Ex-Hubby

Anna Chapman Online Gambling
It was a shocking betrayal, says Anna Chapman through her attorney upon learning that ex Alex released private nude photos of her to the British tabloid News of the World.

Japan Police Raid Sumo Stables After Gambling Scandal

Japanese police raided two sumo stables Wednesday, seeking evidence in their probe of a gambling scandal linked to yakuza crime groups which has rocked the nation's ancient sport.

Antigua Considers Sanctions Against The United States

Antigua Sanctions United States
The tiny Caribbean island nation of Antigua plans to take sanctions against the United States in its quest to have full compliance of a World Trade Organization decision on Internet gambling. To date, the US government and local law enforcement continue to aggressively go after online gambling entities operating outside the States. Antigua claimed that such actions placed undue stress on its nearly 15 year Web gambling sector, which has long accounted for a significant percentage of the nation’s overall economy.

New Jersey Sports Gambling Delayed

Gov. Chris Christie has extended deadline for a commission he created to deliver its report on ways to fix New Jersey's troubled gaming, sports and entertainment industries.

Los Angeles Radio Station to Discuss Weitzner Double Suicide

Ken Weitzner
A newspaper story about the late and founder Ken "The Shrink" Weitzner that featured interviews with two writers is having reverberations around the country.

TSA to Block Gaming Websites

TSA Gaming
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has sent out a memo to employees advising that they will no longer be able to access gaming websites and those that contain “controversial opinion”. Such “controversial opinion” was not immediately defined in the internal memo leaked to media sources on Tuesday.

Betfair’s New Jersey Prospects Look Bright

According to a report featured in Tuesday's edition of eGaming Review Magazine, Betfair believes its chances of launching in New Jersey are quite good following the NJ General Assembly in that state unanimously approving the exchange betting model used by companies like Betfair.

Australian Man Jailed for Gambling Scam

There can be little doubt that there is a link between crime and gambling. Of course, the nature of the crimes can vary tremendously Here's the latest in the hundreds of crime - gambling related matters... Media Man and the aptly named Gambling911 continue to probe criminal issues and enterprises around the world...

US Marines Set to Invade Costa Rica

US Marines Costa Rica
The online gambling friendly Central American nation of Costa Rica is about to be invaded by US marines.

Japan Top Sumo Wrestler Fired After Gambling Scandal

He may not be well known in the States but Japan's top Sumo wrestler, Kotomitsuki, has become the first active "ozeki," the champion rank to which he was promoted in 2007, to be fired, Kyodo News reported.

Australian and New Zealand Gambling News

The Australian casino and gambling sector continues to make the news, some good, some bad. Not to be outdone, New Zealand, the Kiwi's south of Australia, also have some newsy happenings. Readers, gamblers and sports nuts, time to swing into the Asia Pacific region... Media Man and Gambling911 with your voyage of discovery...

World Reacts to Weitzner Double Suicide Story

People around the world are reacting to a controversial article about founder Ken "The Shrink" Weitzner that appeared July 4 in the Virginian-Pilot, a newspaper in Norfolk, Virginia, USA.

Up In Smoke: Successful Couple Come to Tragic End

Ken Weitzner and his guests lounged at a booth inside The Palazzo, their heads tilted toward flat screens broadcasting college basketball a dozen hours a day.

Ken Weitzner Suicide Was Wife’s Idea

Ken Weitzner  Suicide can report exclusively that a story about Ken "The Shrink" Weitzner appearing Sunday in a Virginia newspaper will reveal his suicide was not his idea--it was his wife's!

Asia, Australia Gambling News Roundup

Punting, sporting and entertainment news junkies, and hard core gamblers, what a week, and what a month its been. The Australian - Asia Pacific connection remains in the thick of the sporting action, even though the Socceroos and New Zealanders are out of the FIFA World Cup. Enjoy the sumo slamming, car rolling, internet filter free report, as Media Man and Gambling911 scour the globe, so you don't have to...

Dozens of Mob Associates Plead Not Guilty

34 members of the Luchese crime family were arraigned on Monday in New Jersey with charges stemming from illegal sports betting. Charges include racketeering and money laundering. All have plead Not Guilty.

Hong Kong Police Smash Football Betting Ring

Hong Kong police said Monday they have smashed a record 170 million Hong Kong dollar (22 million US dollar) gambling ring that took illegal bets on World Cup football games and horse racing.

Bookies Spared $75 Mil Payout With England World Cup Exit

England World Cup
Not everyone in England was upset about their team getting eliminated so quickly Sunday in the knockout round of the 2010 FIFA World Cup vs. Germany. Bookmakers were the only one’s celebrating though.

William Hill Honors Frank Lampard ‘Goal’

Frank Lampard Disallowed Goal
Great Britain's second largest bookmaker, William Hill, is paying out to their customers who bet on Frank Lampard scoring against Germany after his goal was ruled out by the linesman and referee. The bookies estimate the payout will cost them a six figure sum.

England Germany World Cup Game: A Bookie’s Treat

England Germany World Cup
As long as England hangs around, the online bookmakers across the UK will make out dearly but an England - Germany draw will be the icing on the cake

Heeeeer’s John-ny: Disgraced Eliot Spitzer Gets CNN Gig

Eliot Spitzer CNN
CNN looking to boost ratings with controversial show co-host, Eliot Spitzer

Government Gambling Recs Cost Pokies Clubs $4 Billion

Australia Gambling special contributor Greg Tingle looks at the toll on Aussie pokies clubs should the government have its way with recent gambling-related recommendations.

Internet Gambling Facebook Page Turns Into Spam Central

Good intentions and a grassroots effort helped drive more than 400 fans to the OK to Play: Support i-Gaming Facebook page. But now the page has become nothing more than a spammer’s paradise.

Revealed At Last: Why Weitzner Killed Himself

Ken Weitzner
A major news story about the life and death of founder Ken "The Shrink" Wetizner is to run in a Norfolk, Virginia newspaper this coming Sunday.
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