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Aussie James Packer Riding Wave Of Success

James Packer
Packer's Burswood Raisers Big Bucks with Perry's Rockpool; Western Australia Shows The World...

Australian Gambling and Politics: Cat And Mouse Games

James Packer Asked To Pay For Perth Sports Stadium...

Craigslist Ex-Congressman Was in Favor of Legalized Internet Gambling in Some Forms

Craigslist Congressman
Rep. Chris Lee (R-N.Y.) resigned Wednesday after being caught up in a Craigslist ad scandal. posted the married Congressman’s ad proclaiming him to be a “fit and fun 6 ft. blonde with blue eyes”.

Mafia Cash Cows: Craigslist Sex Trafficking, Offshore Internet Gambling, and Wind Energy

Following the high profile arrest of 125 alleged Mafia associates, many of you were probably left wondering how the Mob makes money these days.

Gambling Crime and Punishment: Star Quarterback Art Schlichter in Trouble Again

Gambling Crime
Former Ohio State quarterback Art Schlichter is being investigated for a scheme involving the brokering and selling of tickets to Ohio State football games to fuel his gambling habit.

New Jersey Loses Out On $87.5 Million

New Jersey
Sitting on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s desk right now is a bill to legalize sports betting in the state. It's still just sitting there collecting dust. Pays Out Both Sides On Christina Aguilera National Anthem Bet

Christina Aguilera National Anthem Bet, in an interview with CNBC, said it was too close to call and that Aguilera’s screwing up of the lyrics made grading the National Anthem bet close to impossible.

Australian Gambling And Politics: Fun And Games

Biometrics Via Pubs And Clubs Predicted To Have Have Failure Rate

Bellagio Chip Bandit a Real “Bozo”: Appears in Court

Accused Bellagio chip bandit, Anthony Michael Carleo, was nothing more than an amateur who seemingly did everything possible to get caught.

Some Vegas Sportsbooks Saved by Last Minute Steelers Surge

Super Bowl 2011 Vegas
Some Las Vegas sportsbooks like The M, The Venetian, Hard Rock and Tropicana made out well this Super Bowl.

Steve Wynn Macau Junket Spooks Investors

Macau's booming gaming enclave, heavily reliant on the high-rolling VIP sector, is likely to lose favour with some investors on concern over liquidity, which sparked a sell-off in shares of Wynn Macau Ltd on Monday.

Seductress Facing Up to 20 Years in Prison for Casino Cheating Scam

The ring leader of a casino cheating group out of Southern California is facing up to 20 years behind bars.

America’s Most Dumbest: Bellagio Chip Bandit’s Downfall

Bellagio Chip Bandit
The suspected Bellagio chip bandit Anthony Carleo bragged about a big gambling score while downing shots with friends, emailed pics of the stolen chips, and more...

Suspected Bellagio Bandit Prescribed 500 Max Strength Oxycontin Pills in Just 4 Months

Bellagio Bandit Oxycontin
Authorities claim that the alleged Bellagio chip bandit was prescribed a whopping 500 maximum strength Oxycontin pills in a period of just 4 months.

Another Parkinson Drug Tied to Gambling Addiction, Risky Sexual Behavior

Parkinson Drug Tied to Gambling Addiction
Yet another individual has filed a lawsuit against a Parkinson drug manufacturer, saying it caused him to become an addictive gambler.

Bellagio Chip Bandit Arrested After Sending Private Messages on TwoPlusTwo Forum

Bellagio Chip Bandit
The son of Las Vegas Municipal Judge Anthony M. Assad, Anthony M. Carleo, was arrested during the early morning hours of Thursday in connection with the brazen casino chips robbery at the posh Bellagio Hotel on December 14. 

Alleged Bellagio Chip Bandit Unmasked: We Have His Booking Photo

Bellagio Chip Bandit Anthony M. Carleo
As has been reporting all morning Thursday, Anthony M. Carleo, 29, has been arrested in connection with the brazen robbery at the Bellagio Resort Casino back on December 14.

John Stossel: Spending The Super Bowl in Handcuffs

John Stossel Fox Business
Tonight (Thursday February 3, 2011), Fox Business correspondent, John Stossel, discusses how politicians have their tentacles (or as our own Jenny Woo might say – testicles) deep into the world of sports in ways you might not realize.

Sumo Wrestlers Admit to Match Fixing: Japan Calls It “Act of Betrayal”

At least three serving sumo fighters have for the first time admitted fixing bouts, Japan's government said on Thursday, condemning an "act of betrayal" of an ancient sport that is now synonymous with scandal.

Judge’s Son Arrested in Brazen Bellagio Casino Chips Robbery

Bellagio Chip Robber Arrested
The son of a Las Vegas municipal judge was arrested during the overnight hours Wednesday in connection with the December's $1.5 million Bellagio casino heist.

Syracuse Point-Shaving Rumor BS: Poster Heard it in a Bar Over Drinks

Syracuse Point-Shaving Rumor BS
There was extensive discussion and tweeting about the alleged Syracuse Orange point-shaving rumor involving three players over the past 48 hours.

Joe Francis - Indicted Over Alleged $2M Gambling Debt

Joe Francis
American (and now also Asia Pacific) gambling and real estate mogul, Steve Wynn, looks to now have soft porn king Joe Francis (Girls Gone Wild) by the balls.

Murder, Extortion, Gambling, Drug Dealing Detailed in Mob Indictments

Murder, Extortion, Gambling, Drug Dealing
Five of those area families were taken down during the bust with one family said to have been near 100 percent disrupted.

No Syracuse Point Shaving Scandal School Blog Claims

Syracuse Point Shaving
Reports began swirling this week accusing Syracuse Orange basketball players Scoop Jardine, James Southerland and Dion Waiters of engaging in a “point-shaving” scheme.

Gambling, Drugs, Cocaine; Punters With Problems Targeted By Crime Lords

Australians With Gambling, Drug And Mental Problems Continue To Be Targeted By Crime Lords And Scouts To Run Drugs...
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