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Shrink Would Often Read About Suicide

Speaking exclusively to one of Kenneth Weitzner’s former lovers, can reveal that “the Shrink” had a preoccupation with suicide to the point where he would often read up on various methods in which to take one’s own life.

StarCraft Cheating the Biggest Scandal to Hit e-Sports

StarCraft Cheating Scandal
Korea is being rocked by a scandal of epic proportion involving StarCraft where a number of gamers are being linked to match-fixing, cheating and illegal betting.

Casino Raiders Strike Upscale Casino

Raiders carrying machine guns and wearing face masks today escaped with thousands of pounds worth of cash from an upmarket casino.

Ken Weitzner: Not a Doctor, But Played One On The Internet

Some years back, a now-infamous television commercial began with a man declaring, "I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV."

Foul Play Ruled Out in Shrink’s Death

Ken Weitzner
Foul play is not suspected in the deaths of gambling news website operator Kenneth B. "The Shrink" Weitzner and his longtime wife, Jacqueline, who were both found dead this past Saturday in Chesapeake, Virginia, USA

Steve Wynn: “Joe Francis is Insane”

Joe Francis of “Girls Gone Wild” “holds the all-time record for cuckoo,” claims gambling mogul Steve Wynn.

Kenneth Weitzer and Wife to be Cremated

He was a man of the Jewish faith and, while cremation is not commonly permitted, founder Kenneth Weitzner will be cremated along with his wife following a memorial on Tuesday. Weitzner’s wife, Jackie, was not Jewish. Both were discovered early Saturday morning in what police are ruling as a double suicide.

Barney Frank Online Poker Hearing Postponed

Online Gambling Portal Owner Bizarre Death 2nd in 12 Months

The death of Kenneth Weitzner marks the second time in less than 12 months that an online gambling portal owner has died under mysterious circumstances. Weitzner was confirmed dead shortly after 10 am EST Saturday morning along with his wife Jackie in their Chesapeake, Virginia home.

Kenneth Weitzner Death Confirmed

Kenneth Weitzner Death
It's official: Ken "The Shrink" Weitzner is dead.

Costa Rican Sportsbooks Respond to Recent Arrests

Though 36 arrests on United States soil this week rattled the online gaming industry, operations are continuing as normal in Costa Rica.

Barney Frank Hearing on Internet Poker Friday

Barney Frank
Congressman Barney Frank has scheduled a hearing this upcoming Friday to discuss legalization of online poker. Two bills will be presented by the House democrat from Massachusetts.

Tiger Woods Return Great for Sportsbooks

Tiger Woods' comeback to golf has not only been good for ratings, but it's also a big hit with Las Vegas sportsbooks. The M Resort's race and sportsbook director says Tiger's return has made betting very exciting

Weitzner Son Claims Suicide: Still No Official Reports

The son of online gambling portal owner Kenneth Weitzner revealed on Sunday that both his stepfather and mother died of an apparent lethal dose of pills and carbon monoxide some time late Wednesday night with the bodies discovered Saturday morning.

Gambling, Bikies, Drugs, Porn And Vice Inc. Down Under

Underbelly and vice is alive and well down under in Sydney, Australia.

Nephew Tells Friends Owner Killed in Car Crash

While the online gambling community continued to speculate on the cause of "death" of an industry portal owner, the nephew of the supposedly slain man has told close family friends outside the industry that Kenneth Weitzner and his wife were "killed in a car accident".

Crown Casino Faced With Bad PR as Key Event Approaches

In the land "down under" sometimes hard news is kept quite for a while, but invariably the cat gets out of the bag. You want evidence, well look no further than the Australian Government Internet "blacklist" and proposed internet filter. The more they tried to keep it quite, the bigger the story got, pushed along nicely by Media Man and Gambling911 we might add. Owner Kenneth Weitzner Dead?

Speculation was running rampant late Saturday that the founder of and later,, had been killed (mysteriously).

Betting on 2010 Masters Breaks Records

Betting on 2010 Masters
Betting on the 2010 Masters traffic has been brisk at, though it can hardly be seen as rivaling that of the Super Bowl or Oscars (or the upcoming Kentucky Derby for that matter)

Online Casino Affiliate Marketing Dirty Little Secrets

As prepares for the Prague Online Casino Affiliate Super Show later this month, our own Greg Tingle reports on the dirty little secrets plaguing the sector.

Macau Should Observe Illegal Online Gambling

Macau is doing well in combatting cybercrime, thanks to its experienced team of experts and recently enacted legislation that is in line with international standards. However, according to visiting cybercrime expert, Marco Gercke, the local authorities must pay more attention to illegal online gambling.

New Jersey Group Strong Arms Online Gambling Sites?

Online gambling operators have reached out to advising that a Maywood, New Jersey group is in the process of suing more than a dozen i-Gaming companies for patent infringement.

Casino Cash Rolls in For Australia Political Parties

Australian political parties and land based casino operators remain under the spotlight as more revelations about substantial donations from casinos to politics goes public.

States Turn to Gambling to Pay Bills

Last week the Tax Foundation called attention to state initiatives to expand the lottery system. To cover lost revenues from the recession many states have turned to expanding state owned gambling and lottery services (while simultaneously cutting funding for organizations that treat gambling ad

Jazz Sportsbook Caught Up in $178M Online Gambling Sting

Jazz Sportsbook
A popular Costa Rican based online sports betting company, Jazz Sportsbook, has been implicated in an alleged $178M sting led by Queens District Attorney Richard Brown as part of a three year investigation into illegal bookmaking.
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