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New Australian Mildura Casino Tourism On Cards?

Casino talk, mergers, take over et al, continue to be all the rage down under in Australia, and land based casinos, online enterprises, and now even airports are buying into the excitement. Media Man and Gambling911 jet down to Victoria, in regional Mildura to catch the chit chat at the airport lounge...

Weitzner Owed Large Sums of Money Before Suicide Pact

Ken Weitzner
Officials at the website have finally come forward to confirm that the website’s late founder did owe significant gambling debts prior to taking his own life last month. Weitzner and his wife both inhaled lethal amounts of poisonous carbon dioxide and pills in their Chesapeake, Virginia home.

Florida State Lottery Being Sued for Refusing to Pay Prize

A Florida woman is suing the State of Florida for $500,000 after she claims she won the lottery but the state refuses to pay her.

Richard Branson Expanding Virgin Gaming iGaming Empire

Richard Branson
Gaming, gambling and iGaming fans, have we got some news hot of the press for you. Our bat phone has been running hot hot hot!

Sports Off Shore Agent Charges Predates Online Gambling Law

Online Gambling
In one of the more laughable news stories in recent weeks, we learn that a Beverly, Massachusetts man is being hailed as "the first person in Massachusetts charged with violating a 2006 federal law that restricts Internet gambling". The law in question is the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (UIGEA).

Accused Criminal Daniel Tzvetkoff: Poker is Not Gambling

Daniel Tzvetkoff
In a New York District Court this week, Australian online poker payment processor Daniel Tzvetkoff has plead not guilty to processing millions of dollars in transactions for the Internet gambling sector.

Lawmakers Push to Regulate, Tax Online Gambling

Prohibition didn't work with alcohol and it's not working with Internet gambling now, say lawmakers pushing Congress to approve long-shot legislation that would legalize and tax online wagering.

Gambling Execs Encouraged to Invest in Domains

The world is considered a pretty small place these days, largely thanks to the internet aka WWW, and of course airlines and Lear Jets, operated by our "partners in crime", Crown Casino king James Packer and Virgin king of the world, Sir Richard Branson.

Paddy Power Launches Iceland Volcano Betting Site

bet on the volcano erupting
While most are fed up with the volcano ash cloud being spewed by Eyjafjallajökull, some creative minds are benefitting in the most enterprising ways.

Eliot Spitzer to Replace Campbell Brown on CNN?

Eliot Spitzer Campbell Brown
A one time ferocious opponent of the online gambling industry, Eliot Spitzer, is being considered as host of a new debate show like "Crossfire” to replace anchor Campbell Brown’s 8 pm EST time slot.

PokerStars Acquisitions a Death Knell to Affiliates?

Neil Mitchell of eGaming Review Online this week wrote an interesting piece regarding the number one online poker room, PokerStars, recent purchase of various poker news portals.

Hearings on Internet Gambling Tax Enforcement Conclude

John Pappas, Executive Director of the Poker Players Alliance (PPA), the leading poker grassroots advocacy group, with more than one million members nationwide, today released the following statement on the House Ways and Means Committee hearing on HR 4976, the Internet Gambling Regulation and Tax Enforcement Act of 2010.

Bachus: “Internet Poker Is The Crack Cocaine of Online Gambling”

In an interview with ABC News, Rep. Spencer Bachus, R-Alabama, the Ranking Member of the House Financial Services Committee, said he would do everything in his power to stop the legalization of Internet gambling, specifically singling out online poker.

Miami-Dade Cop, Cousin Accused Of Robbing Gambler

MIAMI - CBS4 News has learned that a Miami-Dade police officer has been charged with reportedly using his gun and badge to steal more than $100 thousand in cash from an alleged gambler.

Centrebet Set For Shakeup

Online gaming and wagering outfit Centrebet (International Ltd) says it is still in talks with a number of parties over consolidation opportunities.

Gaming Stocks Hammered in Australia

Readers... er, punters... think you may be down bit at the local casino, online casino, or perhaps your investment stocks and bonds? Share a thought for Australian investors (or gamblers...almost the same thing these days), who lost a bundle on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)12 hours ago.

Bank Robber Blames Gambling Debts

Joseph G. Markham, 39, of Olathe, has been sentenced to five years and seven months for robbing First National Bank in Overland Park last September, the U.S. Attorney for Kansas reports. He reportedly told authorities that he'd lost money while gambling and committed the crime to pay his bills.

Crown Casino In Sponsorship Talks With Melbourne Storm

Melbourne Storm
Casino entrepreneurs, insiders, outsiders, punters and everyone one else... we saw it coming, but now its official (say our spies), Crown Casino is in talks with embattled Melbourne NRL team, the Storm and the footy team of the moment could soon be sponsored by gaming and leisure powerhouse, James Packer's Crown Casino aka Crown Limited. Media Man down under, proud shareholder in Crown, and Gambling911, crash tackle the situation...

Hearing on Internet Gambling Taxation Bill Set for Wednesday

The House of Representatives’ Ways and Means Committee will hold a hearing this Wednesday on legislation, H.R. 4976

Ireland Will Impose Tax on Internet Gambling

Ireland says it will start taxing Internet gambling establishments operating overseas and catering to Irish citizens.

Busted Exec Has Poker Ties

The owner of an American radio network that aired the country's first nationally broadcast radio show about poker has been arrested on fraud-related charges.

Pappas on UIGEA: “We Haven’t Had Much Success Legislatively”

With June 1 looming, the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) has been busy trying to understand what will become of current online poker prohibition in regard to its enforcement.

Distracted Kindergarten Kids Become Gamblers

Children rated as impulsive by their kindergarten teachers appear more likely to begin gambling behaviors like playing cards or placing bets before they hit middle school, Canadian researchers said on Monday.

Aristocrat Australian European Murder Connection

In the latest of a string of casino and gaming industry crimes including murder, Media Man and Gambling911 send in the blood hounds to sniff out the truth...

Aussies With Gambling Problems To Run Drugs

It's an all too familiar theme to the pages of Gambling911, but the strong connection between casinos, gambling and crime continues. Media Man and Gambling911 probe the links with a focus on the Australian - Asia Pacific - Oriental connection...
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