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Greece Match Fixing Scandal: 7 Charged

7 individuals in Greece have been charged with breaking gambling laws by betting on matches they knew were fixed.

Defendants in Alabama Political Gambling Corruption Trial

The defendants in the Alabama gambling corruption trial starting Monday in Montgomery

BetED Head Retains Well Known Defense Law Firm: Insists he is not an Owner
Darren Wright, one of two men indicted last week as part of an online gambling sting operation, insists he is not an owner in the firm

California to Las Vegas Cheap Airline Tickets

California to Las Vegas Cheap Airline Tickets
With our biggest USA readership coming from California, lists the best California to Las Vegas cheap airline tickets.

Australian Federal Police - FBI Gambling On Success

Australian news media continues to be swamped with gambling news. Indicted “Owner” not Really an Owner
eGaming Review Magazine recently interviewed attorney Jeff Imfra, who is representing David Parchomchuk, one of the individuals indicted last week by the US Attorney’s Office out of Baltimore.

Monies Seized from Online Gambling Sites Will Pay for new Undercover Vehicles

Anne Arundel County police department
The Anne Arundel County police department of Maryland has hit the jackpot

Full Tilt Poker Insists Bank Account Unfrozen Despite US Officials Saying Otherwise

Full Tilt Poker
Full Tilt Poker has said that one of its Irish bank accounts has been unfrozen following the indictment issued against the world’s second largest online poker room on April 15.

Macau Says Gambling Revenue Surges 42 pct in May

Gambling revenue in Macau, the world's largest gaming market, jumped 42.4 percent in May to 24.3 billion patacas ($3 billion) Shut Down: Another Online Sportsbook Contemplates Purchase of Accounts Shut Down is reporting that a “well regarded” online sportsbook has offered to take over player accounts from

Australia: How to Help Problem Gamblers

Australia is home to a $19 billion gambling industry and no one is certain exactly how much of it is above board and what chunk is hidden.

Absolute Poker Agreement to pay Customers Documented

All may not be lost when it comes to Absolute Poker and ultimately paying customers back. 

Chicago to get its First Casino

The Illinois House of Representatives on Monday passed a gambling expansion bill that would bring a casino to Chicago.

Why Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker are Likely to Eventually Pay US Customers

Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker
With US customers still waiting for payouts from Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker, there are reasons to be optimistic.

Australian Gambling: Xenophon Says Ban; Legal Eagle Nettleton Says Regulate

Australian Gambling
The anti-gambling campaigner Nick 'Mr X' (satire) Xenophon has been unimpressed by the Australian Federal Police for slow action on enforcing laws which prohibit online casino and poker websites from accepting bets from Australians.

Gambling Advertising Free For All Coming to End In Australia?

Gambling Advertising Free For All Coming to End In Australia?
Let's face it  - internationally, Australia has always been considered the 'last frontier'. Rich in raw materials and natural resources, it has seemed like gambling prohibition has been lower on the totem pole. In fact, government regulated gaming ads have frequently infilitrated television sports in Australia.

Cheap Tickets to Las Vegas - Summer 2011

Las Vegas Cheap Tickets has your most updated cheap tickets to Las Vegas for Summer 2011. 

Las Vegas Hotel Summer Deals 2011

Las Vegas Summer Deals 2011
These Las Vegas hotel summer deals for 2011 are courtesy of

US Attorney Rod Rosenstein: Indictments will not Target Gamblers

Rod Rosenstein
In an interview with the Baltimore’s 1090 AM, Baltimore US Attorney Rod Rosenstein made it clear that gamblers would not be subject to criminal prosecution from gambling online, including those looking to play Internet poker.

Penny Auction Sites: Best Time to Bid

When it comes to penny auction sites, there are strategies that can help in securing the best outcomes. Founders Just Narrowly Avoided Arrest in US is learning that principals nearly entered the US and were apprehended by federal officials.

Don Johnson $11 Million Atlantic City Blackjack Wins a “Streak of Good Luck”

Don Johnson Atlantic City Blackjack
The man who took Atlantic City casinos for $11 million in blackjack wins called it “an incredible streak of good luck. Players May be Waiting Some Time to Claim Funds
It is still unclear as to how much money the US Feds seized from as part of an elaborate sting operation.

Quick Tender Shutdown: Players Likely to be Stiffed

Quick Tender Shutdown
Quick Tender (also known as UseMyWallet) is essentially telling customers they have little recourse when it comes to getting paid. Shuts Down, Claims US Government has all Players Funds Shuts Down has confirmed to that they have shut down their business.
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