Where Can I Bet the Super Bowl Online From Illinois, Iowa, Missouri?

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You can bet the Super Bowl online from the great states of Illinois, Iowa and Missouri from any number of international websites offering hundreds of prop bets.  Sportsbooks based out of Nevada do not accept bets outside that state.

The Super Bowl is the single most wagered event in North America with many folks who have never placed a wager opting to do so for the very first time in their lives.

The population of this region is significant with Illinois largest city of Chicago the third largest in the United States.  Just shy of 13 million reside in Illinois, another 6 million reside in the “Show Me State” of Missouri and 3 million in Iowa.

Illinois is mostly Bears territory when it comes to NFL fans while the vast majority of those living in Missouri now follow their Chiefs now that the Rams have relocated to LA. 

Vikings (North), Bears (East), Packers (North and East) and Chiefs (West and Southwest) fans are spread out across the state of Iowa.  The Hawkeyes love their football despite not having an NFL team of their own as the state has some decent College Football programs (Iowa and Iowa State). 

Many local bookies opt to utilize offshore Pay Per Head services in order to run their business outside of the state and their business should see explosive action during the big game.

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The state of Missouri was among the first to aggressively go after online gambling operators during the late 1990’s and that continued into the mid to late-2000’s with the St. Louis Justice Department prosecuting one of the biggest offshore sports wagering sites.  The state does not expressly prohibit Internet gambling, however.

Simple gambling is a felony in Missouri only when applied to “professional sports bettors” (they know who they are).  As one might expect, aggravated gambling or running a betting business from the state is considered a felony.

Gambling in the states of Illinois and Iowa is considered a misdemeanor both simple and aggravated.

- Ean Lamb, Gambling911.com

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