Super Bowl 52 Money Line Seeing Most Lopsided Action: Public on Eagles Win

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The betting public overwhelmingly believes the Philadelphia Eagles will win Super Bowl 52 outright with 80% of the money line action on the underdog at a tempting +178, according to  With a Super Bowl win, the Eagles pay $17.80 for every $10 bet or $178 for every $100 bet.  SCROLL DOWN

Recent history suggests Philadelphia has a good enough shot.  The underdog has won half of the last ten Super Bowls.

Some experts believe the Eagles are equipped to beat the Pats outright.

David Steele of the Sporting News:

The Eagles’ offense, though, is going to give the Patriots headaches the Jaguars didn't provide. Nick Foles and that offense won’t take themselves out of the game the way the Jaguars did, and Doug Pederson, Frank Reich and the coaching staff won’t let them.

They won't coach to not lose, as Doug Marrone and Co. did, and they won't coach while looking over their shoulders at Brady, wondering what they had to do to keep him at arm’s length.

Eliott Shorr-Parks of the Newark Star Ledger says that it is the Eagles defense that can't be - and won't be - beaten by the Patriots in Super Bowl 52.

No team has been able to silence the Eagles' defensive line this season, and that has been especially true in the playoffs. With defensive tackle Fletcher Cox, defensive end Brandon Graham and a line that goes seven players deep, the Eagles will be able to get pressure on the quarterback in Super Bowl LII -- and it very well could be the reason they win it.

And then there's all those turnovers Philadephia should be able to force.

Being an elite defense goes beyond yards allowed. The Eagles have one of the best defenses in the NFL, and they have earned that title by making plays throughout the season. Heading into the playoffs, the Eagles forced 31 turnovers in 16 regular season games, an average of almost two per game.

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