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San Diego Chargers Odds to Win 2013 AFC West, 2014 Super Bowl

San Diego Chargers Odds to Win 2013 AFC West, 2014 Super Bowl

The San Diego Chargers odds to win the 2013 AFC West were set at 7/1, while their odds of winning the 2014 Super Bowl were at 50/1.

Some observers believe the Chargers will dramatically improve during the 2013 regular season.  Oddsmakers do have San Diego winning more than 8 regular season games at -130.

There is still Philip Rivers as the starting quarterback.  Newly appointed head coach Mike McCoy is inserting a new offense that should result in more completions and less turnovers.  In theory, Rivers will likely yield more yards.

Then there is Cam Thomas, who has 47 total tackles and six sacks in his first three seasons with the Chargers.

Probably most important of all, the Chargers have an entirely new coaching staff. 

Change may be good for San Diego, but how about this schedule:

2013 schedule (All times ET)

Sept. 9 HOUSTON, 8:20
Sept. 15 at Philadelphia, 1
Sept. 22 at Tennessee, 1
Sept. 29 DALLAS, 4:25
Oct. 6 at Oakland, 4:25
Oct. 14 INDIANAPOLIS, 8:40
Oct. 20 at Jacksonville, 1
Oct. 27 Bye
Nov. 3 at Washington, 1
Nov. 10 DENVER, 4:25
Nov. 17 at Miami, 1
Nov. 24 at Kansas City, 1
Dec. 1 CINCINNATI, 4:25
Dec. 8 N.Y. GIANTS, 4:25
Dec. 12 at Denver, 8:25
Dec. 22 OAKLAND, 4:25
Dec. 29 KANSAS CITY, 4:25

They can beat Dallas, Oakland and Kansas City at home.  They have a shot at beating Cincinnati and/or Indianapolis at home.  Houston, Denver, the New York Giants, not so sure.

On the road the prospect of wins looks even greater in Philadelphia, Tennessee, Oakland, Jacksonville, Miami and Kansas City.

A San Diego team that improves even slightly could win 9 regular season games in 2013.

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Odds to Win 2014 Super Bowl

New England Patriots 7/1
San Francisco 7/1
Denver Broncos 8/1
Baltimore Ravens 25/1 - Ace Exclusive
Seattle Seahawks 8/1
Pittsburgh Steelers 30/1 - Ace Exclusive
Green Bay Packers 15/1 - Ace Exclusive
Atlanta Falcons 16/1
Houston Texans 16/1
New Orleans Saints 20/1
New York Giants 25/1 - Ace Exclusive
Dallas Cowboys 35/1 - Ace Exclusive
Washington Redskins 35/1 - Ace Exclusive


- Don Shapiro,



I do hope Chargers will go to the Superbowl in 2014. Not only that, but since I started my silly wild guess, I still stand on my silly wild guess that the Sandiego Chargers will win a Superbowl.
My name is Jetstorm. At one time, I did have faith in the Philadelphia Eagles Law of the Home Opener, but now I am not sure what to think. Perhaps maybe Philadelphia Eagles will go to the superbowl or perhaps someone else will. I'll just wait in see.
Please keep in mind that the comments posted above dated Thu, 08-22-2013 - 23:57 and Fri, 08-23-2013 - 00:00 was in fact posted by myself, "Jet_Storm1984." before I became a member of this site.
My name is Jetstorm. I am not even a Sandiego Chargers fan, yet it is my assessment that Sandiego Chargers will win the Superbowl.
This is Jetstorm again. I forgot to add that I am a Denver Broncos fan. Even though, I still think the Sandiego Chargers will win superbowl 2014. I wish I could say Denver Broncos will go to the Superbowl in 2014, but I can't based on my assessment.
Please keep in mind that the comment posted above dated Fri, 08-23-2013 - 00:00 was posted by myself. My facebook profile is