San Diego Chargers Odds to Win the 2012 AFC West Still Pay $150

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Dan Shapiro
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San Diego Chargers Odds to Win the 2012 AFC West Still Pay $150

The San Diego Chargers odds of winning the 2012 AFC West will still pay out $150 for every $100 bet at or $15 for every $10 bet. 

So far, the Chargers have won both their preseason games and were co-favorites with the Denver Broncos to take the division.

Kansas City would pay 3/1 odds while the Oakland Raiders would pay out 5/1. 

San Diego, which failed to make the Playoffs for a second straight year in 2011, will rely on rookies to help on the defensive end.  The AFC West is no longer one of the weakest divisions.  As such, San Diego will need to step it up a notch. 

The Chargers will play in six games where the opponent managed to finish over .500 while teams like Denver are expected to improve dramatically (San Diego faces them twice). 

Oddsmakers do see the Chargers winning OVER 8.5 regular season games with a line of -145.  The UNDER 8.5. regular season wins pays $115 on a $100 bet or $11.50 on a $10 bet

- Dan Shapiro,

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