NFL Week 9 | Previews and Predictions

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Week 9 is upon us and set to be another great one. As the weeks roll buy in this crazy season one finds themselves asking; can it get any nuttier? Yes it can!  The Jets have already proven it with a big win over the Buffalo Bills.

This game wasn’t just a win, it was a beat down that most did not see coming. A few folks out there did predict the Jets win. We predicted it! We called it a letdown week for the Bills. As always the Bills had a big letdown and this loss will probably be the demise of the season for the Bills. They do this on a yearly basis. Who stands tall this week and are there going to be any big surprises? Take a look with us and let us help you find the wagering value. The online sports books have set the standard once again with the lines and odds.


Broncos vs. Eagles

The Denver broncos are struggling to say the least and really, the wheels are falling off the bus. Vance Johnson looks lost and act as if he has never done this before (he hasn’t) and it shows. He is terrible and he is killing the Broncos chances game in and game out with his game plan or lack thereof.

Trevor Siemian has been awful for the Broncos and he has no protection from his offensive line. Brock Osweiler has been officially named as this week’s starter against the Eagles amidst a mixed reaction from Broncos fans. Who cares? The Broncos need a spark. Maybe Brock is the spark to turn the second half around.

The Eagle are the best team in football and once again Vegas is disrespecting them with an opening line of -7.5! This is just nutty. There is no need to go into what the Eagles have done this year. They are by far and away the best team in the NFL and they have proven it by getting better and better each week. Carson Wentz is fantastic and he is also getting better. The offensive line protects him and they can mix up the game plan. Look for the Eagles to run first and pass later against this Broncos defense that is still very good but having to carry the load for the team week to week.

This one is not going to be close. The Eagles will exploit the Broncos secondary down the stretch and they will get after Osweiler all game long. It will be a very long day for the Broncos. Expect a blowout on both sides of the ball. The Eagles will dominate on defense and destroy the Broncos on offense. The Broncos defense will wear down quickly in this affair.

Prediction: Eagles -7.5

Chiefs vs. Cowboys

The saga continues for the Cowboys with Ezekiel Elliott. On again, off again. The latest word on this abomination from the NFL is, he is playing. The Cowboys are not very good but they are talented collectively and that tends to spread across the board a little more at home than on the road. They are coming off a huge win in San Francisco that went their way 40-10.

The Chiefs are not the 49’ers. They have a ton of weapons and with an on point Alex Smith, they will be hard to beat. The question is, does the good Alex show up? Even if he doesn’t show up Kareem Hunt will! The team that Andy Reid has amassed is a very good one indeed and their 6-2 record is no fluke.

The Cowboys are looking good off of the 40-10 beat down but Vegas isn’t buying it at Dallas -2. Folks, this is the steal of the week! You will not see another week give you this kind of value. The Cowboys always play a day late and a dollar short and show up midseason to the end. They will show up for this and they will get the win. The Chiefs are good, have their weapons and will have to wait another week for a victory.

Prediction: Cowboys -2

This is another fun week, and another wild and woolly week. Expect the unexpected and buckle up for the craziness. Many of the games this week give value on fun but not betting. They may have some value on the totals but not with authority. For this reason we give you two solid pick that you can cash in with and enjoy the payout request from your online bookie! Have fun, win big and crush it this week

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