NFL Betting: Bears and Broncos 2009 Super Bowl Odds

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Frank Doyle
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NFL Betting

Sports Interaction betting analyst Frank Doyle looks at what will be an intriguing tale of two quarterbacks and the affect they will have on their respective teams, the Chicago Bears and Denver Broncos, as it applies to NFL betting.

The closer the start of the NFL season gets, the harder is it to understand why Chicago not only signed Jay Cutler, but also signed away Kyle Orton.

The Bears have never been known for quarterbacks, and have struggled to fill Jim McMahon's shoes since the Bears won their only Super Bowl twenty-three years ago. But they have tried to make big splashes in signing free agents over the years, from signing Doug Flutie from the USFL when McMahon was still a Bear to this spring's signing of disgruntled Denver QB Jay Cutler.

Why the Bears are so desperate for a quarterback is harder to figure. Before returning to Carolina last year, Mushin Muhammad said that Soldier Field was where receivers go to die. What happens to quarterbacks in Chicago?

Cutler is under a lot of pressure at Chicago. People who didn't care for how he left Denver will be waiting for him to fall and then jump on the body, while Cutler is in a double jeopardy situation if Kyle Orton has a good year at Denver, which is entirely possible.

Cutler has a cannon arm but that's of limited use when there's no-one to throw to. Orton doesn't have the same arm strength but he has very strong leadership skills - exactly the level of maturity that his critics say Jay Cutler lacks.

Sports Interaction has priced both Chicago and Denver as longshots for the 2009 Super Bowl with the Bears NFL betting odds quoted at +2000 and the Broncos NFL betting odds at +4000. Denver is in the stronger conference but the AFC West looks weaker on paper than the NFC North this year.

If you are planning on betting the NFL during Week 1 (Why wouldn't you be?), both Chicago and Denver are three point road underdogs with Sports Interaction in Week 1, but Denver has the easier trip at Cincinnati. Cincinnati has not been the same since Carson Palmer got injured in the playoffs three or four years ago and, while nobody knows how Josh McDaniels will do as head coach, a trip to Cincy isn't as awful an NFL debut as might have been in the case.

The Bears will be up against it at Green Bay though. The Bears and Packers have the oldest rivalry in the football league, and the Packers will be eager to continue to build on the progress that Aaron Rodgers made at quarterback for them after taking over from Brett Favre. Come Sunday night, Jay Cutler's post match bottle of Coors could be turning to ashes in his mouth.

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