Florida Gambling Shines, Falls In Equal Measure

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Florida casinos face a tough choice in 2017. During the last 12 months, many things happen in Florida. If you follow gambling news each day, you will confirm that there is a lot that happens in Florida. The year is coming to a speedy close.

In the next three days or so, the world will forget all these. But it is good to remind ourselves of the main things.  Many of these things are a reflection of what will happen in 2018. Some items may even go beyond 2018.  Two main things happen in Florida. These two things have a profound effect on Florida casinos at PlaySlots4RealMoney.com.  The first thing involves the political shakeup. The casino industry finds itself amid such political mayhem. In the end, things do not go well as the plan says.

Florida State and the Seminole tribe open the struggle. It is not easy. Tension starts when the Florida State Senator introduces gaming changes.  Bill Galvano thinks it is smooth when he makes the announcement. The senator stands to propose gambling reforms that are likely to affect the entire state. The announcement does not augur well with the Seminole Tribe. The tribe starts outright opposition. Officials of the tribe are particularly not happy with the senator. They oppose his reforms.  It turns out that in every battle there is a winner and a loser. This time, the majority wins. The Seminole tribe wins this battle for supremacy. If this is what happens, then it is definite that the senator loses.

The court rules in favor of the tribe. We go back a little to fetch the facts. In November 2016, a federal court in Tallahassee makes a ruling. The court rules against the state.  According to the court, the State of Florida is wrong. It acts in contravention of the 2010 compact. In the compact, the state is not supposed to allow pari-mutuel venues to offer certain games. The games in question are house-banked games. Check out the hottest real money US casinos at OnlineCasinoBonus777.com.

The compact is very clear on when it ends. It even mentions what the outcome is when either party violates. For instance, the 2010 compact says that it is valid until 2015. In return, the tribal group must pay over a billion in revenue. Also,  This is what the tribe does. Remember that the tribe funds because it has exclusive rights. Coincidentally, the compact pack says that in case there is a violation, something else happens. In fact, it is clear that if the state violates it, the right extends until 2030.

Above all, this is what the state violates. The state allows pari-mutuel venues to offer ‘player designated games’, which is wrong. It is for this reason that the state finds itself in contravention of the law. It goes against the compact it signed with the tribe seven years ago. The Seminole tribe is not alone in opposing the bill. There are other stakeholders. The state’s House does not like the Senator’s bill. The other gaming stakeholder to hate the gaming expansion bill is Disney World. The latter vows to fund anti-gambling expansion campaigns. All these actions affect Florida casinos each day.

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