Cleveland Browns Regular Season Wins Prediction, Betting Odds 2017

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The Cleveland Browns are favorites to win UNDER 4.5 regular season games in 2017, priced at -125.  We will take the OVER priced at EVEN odds THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Call us crazy!  Yes we believe the Steelers win this division but the Browns seriously have a chance to do well this season.  At a price of 300/1, a $100 bet pays out $3000 should they win this division while a $10 bet pays $300.  This Browns team could be good enough to give Pittsburgh a run for its money.  What if Roethlisberger gets injured?  If you have the money to spare, just do it!!!

The serious bet though is the OVER 4.5.  Not only are there improvements, the schedule is favorable.

AthlonSports notes:

Internal expectations seem realistic, and the Browns will again be judging the progress of their rookies and hoping they come out of the 2017 with more building-block players than they’ve had in several seasons. By spending big on the offensive line in free agency and then focusing on defense early in the draft, the Browns hope to keep their quarterbacks healthy and let those young defensive players grow into prominent roles.

- Don Shapiro,

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