Cincinnati Bengals Odds to Win 2014 Super Bowl Now at 19-1

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Dan Shapiro
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Cincinnati Bengals Odds to Win 2014 Super Bowl Now at 19-1

The Cincinnati Bengals odds to win the 2014 Super Bowl were at 19-1 at Bookmaker.  Bet nearly all games LIVE, every play, every minute as the game is happening at Bookmaker here Also qualify to receive up to $2500 in FREE BETS.

Cincinnati is playing in a once tough division where the dominant teams had records under .500 coming into Week 10.  The Bengals, on the other hand, are the only team in the AFC North with a winning record at 6-3.  They’ll face a 3-5 Ravens team that has won four of the last five in this series rivalry.

A win against Baltimore could seal the deal for these Bengals to take the division, at least on paper.  Cincinnati still has to face Cleveland and Minnesota at home and the Ravens in Week 17, a game that probably won’t matter much for Baltimore, barring a miracle. 

What would earlier have been marked as a forecasted loss, a game in Pittsburgh, is now looking more and more favorable for Cincinnati.  Games in San Diego and against Indianapolis will probably be the most challenging.  The Chargers 4-4 record could easily be 7-1 as three of those four losses were in the final seconds of regulation or in overtime. 

Speaking of which, the Bengals could easily be 7-2.  A safety in overtime was the difference in Cincinnati's 22-20 loss at Miami on Halloween night.

Cincinnati does have its injury woes, particularly on defense.  They lost standout tackle Geno Atkins to an ACL tear in that Miami loss. 

Andy Dalton threw for 300-plus yards for the fourth straight time in that loss to the Dolphins but threw three interceptions as well.  This was a Cincinnati team that did manage to score 49 points to beat the New York Jets in the previous week.

 - Dan Shapiro,

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