Can I Play FanDuel From My State This Football Season?

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You may be seeing a lot of ads for the Daily Fantasy Sports site FanDuel and asking yourself if it is okay to play there from your state.  It’s not for everyone!!!  One must also understand they will need to provide a social security number, something the internationally-based real money betting sites do not require.

FanDuel is listed 2nd for each state with Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada among the states that prohibit playing on FanDuel.  

State – PlayDraft – FanDuel – DraftKings - Yahoo

Alabama No   No   No   No

Alaska    Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes

Arizona  No   No   No   No

Arkansas       Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes

Delaware      No   Yes  Yes  No

Florida    Yes  Yes  Yes  No

Hawaii    No   No   No   No

Idaho     No   No   No   No

Illinois    Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes

Iowa      No   No   No   No

Kentucky       Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes

Louisiana      No   No   No   No

Michigan Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes

Mississippi     Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes

Missouri Yes  Yes  Yes  No

Montana       No   No   No   No

Nebraska      Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes

Nevada  No   No   No   No

New Mexico   Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes

New York      Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes

Oklahoma     Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes

Oregon  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes

South Carolina     Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes

South Dakota       Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes

Tennessee    Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes

Texas     No   No   Yes  Yes

Vermont Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes

Virginia   Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes

Washington        No     No     No     No

- Don Shapiro,

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