50 Cent Super Bowl Bet a Winner: Birdman Loses (Video)

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Jordan Bach
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50 Cent Super Bowl Bet a Winner:  Birdman Loses

 Rapper 50 Cent Bets the Giants and Wins a Million.

You’ve been reading a lot on the Gambling911.com website as to how popular Web wagering firm BetOnline.com had taunted Birdman to place a $5 million wager on the Patriots to win the 2012 Super Bowl.

The rapper said he planned on laying down $5 million on the Patriots.  BetOnline.com said they would accept his bet, but that never happened.  In fact, the site was actually taking bets on whether Birdman would accept the offer at one point. 

“We have been contacted by literally thousands of Birdman’s supporters and fans asking about the ‘Birdman bet’, and unfortunately we have informed them that Birdman has not placed the $5 million dollar bet which he was so proudly boasting about,  stated Dave Mason of BetOnline.com.

There was no indication that Birdman placed such a bet elsewhere. 

Rapper 50 Cent confirmed his own $1 million bet placed on the New York Giants.  He also tweeted his disbelief that Birdman would have laid down $5 million on the losing Patriots. 

“Baby had said he had $5 million on the Patriots. I just think he was just passionate about the Patriots winning and just said that. I don’t think he actually would bet $5 million,” Fifty said. 

- Jordan Bach, Gambling911.com

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