2009 NFL Power Rankings (Week 1)

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Don Shapiro
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2009 NFL Power Rankings (Week 1)

Based on preseason play and what is expected for the regular season, Gambling911.com presents its 2009 NFL Power Rankings as we are about to kick off Week 1.

1. New England Patriots - Just as long as Tom Brady doesn't go down again.  If he does, this team is in serious jeopardy of not even going above .500 in 2009.  The Patriots are dangerously thin in the quarterback position with only two on the roster as of press time  7/2 odds of winning the 2010 Super Bowl at Sportsbetting.com.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers - The Eagles suddenly find themselves as bigger favorites than the Steelers.  What gives?  These are the defending Super Bowl champions and, outside of some distractions surrounding their quarterback, there is little to suggest they won't repeat this year. 7/1 odds

3. San Diego Chargers - On paper, this looks like it's going to be among the best teams in the league with their injuries behind them and LaDainian Tomlinson should be back in fine form to boot. 10/1 odds

4.  Philadelphia Eagles - This is a strong team that now has the second shortest odds to win the 2010 Super Bowl.  But both Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick look prone to make mistakes and there is too much drama surrounding this team for us to put our faith in them winning the championship game.  They are at 10/1 odds.

5.  Indianapolis Colts - Why this team is nowhere near under the radar remains a mystery.  Tony Dungy may be out.  Peyton Manning is not!  12/1 odds of winning the 2010 Super Bowl.

6.  New York Giants - Eli Manning matures further.  There is concern over some recent incidents, in particular the Plaxico Burress situation.  9/1 odds

7.  Green Bay Packers - Gambling911.com believes this is the best team in the NFC North, paying 2/1 odds should they win the division.  The fact that they dominated in the preseason says something even if they beat teams that probably won't be making the playoffs.  Bottom line though, they beat teams they were supposed to beat and that will get them at least 10 wins in 2009.  There is too much drama going on with the Vikings. 

8.  Minnesota Vikings - Too much drama here. Pat and Kevin Williams suspension for four games is in the hands of an appeals court.  There could be animosity against Brett Favre, and his effectiveness is in question always.  Sportsbetting.com is wise to list the Vikings at 12/1 odds of winning the 2010 Super Bowl unlike some books that have them at 6/1 odds.

9.  Arizona Cardinals - There is little to suggest they won't be just as good - if not better - than last year's team.  26/1 odds

10.  Baltimore Ravens - Rex Ryan leaving the Ravens will likely hurt but this is still a solid team on paper and way off the radar, listed with 22/1 odds of winning the 2010 Super Bowl.

Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com



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