$20,000.00 Free NFL Survivor Pool

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$20,000.00 Free NFL Survivor Pool

Take a free shot at $20,000.00 in the Sportsbook.com Free NFL Survivor Pool.

Pick a weekly NFL winner every week to survive the competition and advance. The last contestant standing takes home the $20,000.00 prize.

Here’s how it works:

Starting with Week 2 of the NFL Season. you must select a team to win its game outright every week. Whether that team covers the spread is irrelevant, they must simply win the game.

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If your team wins, your entry remains alive and you advance to select a team in the next week. If your team loses, your entry is eliminated from the competition.

Choose carefully though, because once you select a team you cannot select them again for that entry. So, if you select the Steelers in Week 2, you cannot use them the rest of the season for that entry.

Think you can survive to win the $20,000.00?

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