Who Will J-Lo Date Next? Ladbrokes Offers Odds

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Jordan Bach
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J-Lo Odds

One of the world’s largest bookmakers, Ladbrokes, is now offering odds on who J-Lo will date next now that husband Marc Anthony is apparently out of the picture. 

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J-Lo and Anthony announced their intentions to divorce this past week after rumors of intense fighting over the past several months. 

The favorite is a US dollar billionaire, any billionaire but there were specific names offered up as well including Snoop Dogg at 33/1 and Enrique Iglesias at 25/1.  Yes, Simon Cowell is being offered as well with odds of 100/1.

Ladbrokes also released odds on how long it will take J-Lo to marry again. 

Note to US gamblers, Ladbrokes does not accept customers from the United States at this time. 

Who will she marry next time?


•   A US Dollar billionaire - 2/1

•   A Hispanic Hollywood actor - 3/1

•   A Former/Current US No 1 music artist - 3/1

•   A NBA player - 10/1

•   A NFL player - 14/1

•   A MLB player - 14/1

•   Enrique Iglesias - 25/1

•   Snoop Dogg - 33/1

Simon Cowell - 100/1 


When will she marry again


•    2011 - 25/1

•    2012 - 3/1

•    2013 - 5/2

•    2014 - 2/1

•    Later/not re-married - 6/4

- Jordan Bach, Gambling911.com

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