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C Costigan
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The Oscars 2010

Want to know where to bet the 2010 Oscars online or this year's Oscars.  Get the latest odds at Bookmaker here.

Despite being among the top 5 most wagered on single day events, the Oscars continues to get little love from some of the online gambling establishments.  Most now offer odds on the Academy Awards, but the offerings can be limited.

Gambling911.com has found that Bookmaker, one of the oldest established online betting sites, was featuring among the most comprehensive Oscars bets menus when compared to its competitors. 

Here you can bet on all the major categories and several more obscure categories being offered by few online gambling sites.

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Here is a sampling of 2014 Oscar Odds:

Academy Awards: Futures

Tue 2/25 Best Picture - Winner
05:00 PM 2001 12 Years a Slave -750
  2002 American Hustle +670
  2003 Gravity +349
  2004 The Wolf Of Wall Street +3367
  2005 Captain Phillips +19867
  2006 The Dallas Buyers Club +8248
  2007 Her +26601
  2008 Nebraska +28282
  2009 Philomena +37353
Tue 2/25 Best Director - Winner
05:00 PM 2101 Alfonso Cuaron -3308
  2102 Steve McQueen +575
  2103 David O Russell +1565
  2104 Martin Scorcese +5866
  2105 Alexander Payne +22252
Tue 2/25 Best Actor - Winner
05:00 PM 2201 Chiwetel Ejiofor +518
  2202 Matthew McConaughey -724
  2203 Leonardo DiCaprio +690
  2204 Bruce Dern +3757
  2205 Christian Bale +15000
Tue 2/25 Best Actress - Winner
05:00 PM 2301 Cate Blanchett -1897
  2302 Sandra Bullock +1051
  2303 Amy Adams +916
  2304 Judi Dench +2621
  2305 Meryl Streep +3469

Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher 

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