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Plinko Rigged on The Price is Right? Say it isn’t so

Aug 3 2008 - 3:09pm

Pinko can be rigged? That's what we are hearing from the folks at this week.

According to, the show's famous Plinko game was rigged for a commercial so that a dropped chip land in the $10-thousand slot. Apparently, after the taping of the commercial was over, no one apparently reset the game.

During a taping of the show, a woman playing the Plinko game dropped 3 chips in the $10-thousand slot before the producers realized what was going on. They immediately stopped taping and reset the game.

When the woman was allowed to play again, this time on the un-rigged game, she only won about $3-thousand. In the end, the show's producers gave her the $30-thousand on top of the $3-thousand she'd won legitimately. The show won't air, however.

Plinko is a pricing game on the American television game show The Price Is Right. Debuting on January 3, 1983, it is played for a cash prize of up to $50,000 and uses small prizes. It is frequently said to be the most popular of all the pricing games.


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You got this story a little wrong. The show will air without the $30,000 winning segment. The Plinko board was re-structured to shoot commercials for The Price Is Right Video Game ( They wanted to have the Nintendo DS box to drop right into the $10,000 slot. Unfortunately, someone forgot that it had been re-built between the end and beginning of a new season and it got on the show. Hey at least they gave her the $30K.