Kate Winslet Crying During Acceptance Speech Pays Well

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Jordan Bach
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Assuming Kate Winslet wins an Oscar for Best Actress after being nominated a 6th time and never having won, tears will pay gamblers nicely.

A crying Kate Winslet pays out $12.50 for every $10 bet at Sportsinteraction.com.

If Winslet or any other winner uses the "F" bomb during their acceptance speech, the payout will be $800 for every $100 bet, that includes Ms. Winslet. 

MTV's Larry Caroll had this to say about the Best Actress category, which is shaping up to be a tight race:

"This battle between a veteran (Streep), an awards-season newcomer (Hathaway) and a five-time bridesmaid (Winslet) is shaping up to be one of Oscar's biggest smackdowns. Our panel narrowly gives the edge to Winslet - possibly the greatest actress of her generation and someone who needs to stop getting snubbed year after year. Factor in her criminally non-nominated turn in ‘Revolutionary Road,' and Oscar voters seem likely to reward the new Streep rather than the original model."

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Jordan Bach, Gambling911.com 

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